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#108: Emanuel Children's Home (Hogar de Niños Emanuel)
San Pedro Sula,  Honduras
The Emanuel Childrens Home (Hogar de Niños Emanuel) assists in the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of abused, disadvantaged, and homeless children ranging in age from infant to eighteen years of age.

#112: Casa de Esperanza de los Niños (The House of Hope for Children)
Houston,  Texas
Casa de Esperanza serves as a safe place for children who are in crisis due to abuse, neglect, or HIV/AIDS.

#113: Quaker Cottage
Belfast,  Northern Ireland
Quaker Cottage aims to provide a safe and caring environment to actively promote increased self-esteem, greater family understanding and cooperation, improved social and life skills, enhanced development, and mutual understanding and respect.

#204: Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Elgin,  Illinois
The Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Church of the Brethren work with youth of all ages and young adults in forming Christian values, serving the community, and promoting peace through various programs.

#206: Youth Initiatives
Belfast/Downpatrick/Banbridge/Londonderry,  Northern Ireland
Youth Initiatives is a cross-community youth work organization that aims to awaken hope, inspire initiative, and mobilize youth to make a vital contribution to their community and to reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

#207: Weierhof Mennonite Congregation
Weierhof,  Germany
The Weierhof Mennonite congregation seeks a Volunteer Youth Facilitator. He/she will facilitate our multiple youth groups, help integrate youth into the congregation, plan activities and retreats, and also assist with worship services

#208: Rural and Migrant Ministry
Liberty,  New York
Rural and Migrant Ministry (RMM) works in the areas of accompaniment, education, and youth empowerment in its quest to stand with disenfranchised farm- and rural workers and to change unjust systems and structures. RMM seeks BVS volunteers for two of its programs.

#224: Glebe House
Kilclief/Strangford,  Northern Ireland
Run by Harmony Community Trust, Glebe House is a residential center on a 16-acre wildlife area close to the Strangford Lough that delivers year-round community relations, social inclusion, and respite programs for people of all ages.

#304: Cross Keys Village Brethren Home Community
New Oxford,  Pennsylvania
Cross Keys Village – Volunteers are actively involved in day-to-day living, whether participating through the department of independent living, personal care, or healthcare. We will match your skills and talents from within the many avenues available at our campus.

#307: The Palms Retirement Community
Sebring,  Florida
The Palms Retirement Community seeks volunteers to assist with special activities and programs, complete light computer work, and spend time visiting with residents as well as helping with parties, decorating, and generating new ideas.

#401: Human Resources Development Council
Havre,  Montana
District IV Human Resources Development Council is a non-profit Community Action Agency that has been serving the Hi-Line region of North-Central Montana since 1965. The aim is to engage low-income families with the maximum opportunity to address their needs, envision their possibilities and live a productive life of dignity.

#418: Capstone
New Orleans,  Louisiana
Based in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Capstone seeks to provide a stable community environment to those needing a solid foothold in life.

#420: Brethren Disaster Ministries
New Windsor,  Maryland
Brethren Disaster Ministries (BDM) is a program of the Church of the Brethren that repairs and rebuilds homes for survivors of natural disasters across the United States.

#606: Hopewell Inn
Mesopotamia,  Ohio
Hopewell is a therapeutic farm community dedicated to serving adults with serious mental illness. Through participation in meaningful work and group activities, Hopewell assists residents in moving to more independent living situations.

#608: Gould Farm
Monterey,  Massachusetts
Gould Farm is America’s original community for psychiatric rehabilitation in an open setting, located on 700 acres of farm and woodlands. Gould Farm uses a community-oriented, work-based approach towards therapy.

#609: L'Arche Kilkenny
Callan, County Kilkenny,  Republic of Ireland
BVS placements are available at some of the many L'Arche communities in Europe.

#611: L'Arche Dublin
Dublin,  Republic of Ireland
BVS placements are available at some of the many L'Arche communities in Europe.

#612: Arche Community Tecklenburg
Tecklenburg,  Germany
BVS placements are available at some of the many L'Arche communities in Europe.

#613: L'Arche Belfast
Belfast,  Northern Ireland
BVS placements are available at some of the many L'Arche communities in Europe.

#616: Arche Community Ravensburg
Ravensburg,  Germany
BVS placements are available at some of the many L'Arche communities in Europe.

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