Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church

While they were talking and discussing,
Jesus himself came near and went with them…

– Luke 24:15

Continuing the work of Jesus, Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church exists in the Church of the Brethren to walk with, listen to and advocate for part-time, multi-vocational and not-paid-to-scale pastors empowering them to live and lead well by enriching their journey through intentional relationships and thoughtful wisdom sharing.

Intentional Relationships

At the foundation of Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church is relationship-building.  Circuit Riders are the heart of the program who provide clergy-peer relationships that are mutually beneficial.  They listen to and walk alongside pastors, meeting them where they are on their journey.  Circuit Riders are encouragers and cheerleaders who freely give tangible grace as pastors learn and grow in ministry. 

Pastors frequently feel they must rely on themselves, thus often feeling isolated.  Circuit Riders provide intentional clergy-peer relationships as pastors discover what thriving in ministry means to them.  Also offered by Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church this year are opportunities for Spiritual Direction and Professional Coaching.  Click here to meet our Circuit Riders and for more information about how to connect with one of them.

Wisdom Sharing

Small group connections provide interactive participation on topics relevant to pastors’ work and well-being.  Pastors have direct access to one another and can set their own direction by choosing options that appeal to them and are on their timetable.  They provide a space to connect, support, learn and network as wisdom is shared.  Small group opportunities include webinars, book studies, and open group spiritual support led by Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church Circuit Riders, nationally known speakers, denominational leaders, as well as peers sharing from their field of expertise.  Many group connections include CEUs. 


The post-resurrection appearance of Jesus on the Emmaus Road is powerful because it reminds us that Jesus’ presence is as important as his sermons and stories.  Jesus was present as the two confessed what was weighing deep within each of them.  Not only did they share with one another, Jesus walked alongside them hoping to sense where they were on their journey.  Jesus then reminds them their story is not yet complete, that God’s plan is unfolding before them.  His reassurance was simple and profound, so much so they invited him to stay.  Around the fellowship of the table that evening – in a place of mutual discovery and exploration – Jesus reveals himself.  Following events that left them questioning nearly everything, they found themselves in a space of genuine care and companionship with Jesus himself.  It was there they knew their journey was valued and that, without a doubt, God’s plan would continue to unfold.  With renewed faith for their journey, the two shared the hope and joy of the evening with their companions.

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