United States

1501: Camp Courageous

Monticello, Iowa

Camp Courageous of Iowa is a year-round recreation and respite care facility that annually serves over 6,000 people with disabilities. Camp Courageous believes that all people, regardless of ability level, have the right to opportunities found in the world around them and that individuals with disabilities, as well as their families, should be able to experience year-round recreational and respite care activities in a camp setting.

Job Descriptions

Camp Courageous provides campers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience a variety of activities including canoeing, swimming, climbing, caving, archery, and horseback riding. These opportunities provide social and personal growth within a supportive environment. Through trying a variety of creative and challenging activities and experiencing success, campers develop enhanced self-esteem, which carries over to work, home, or school environments.
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