1521: Greenhill YMCA

Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Greenhill YMCA provides opportunity and encouragement for individuals, within a safe and supportive atmosphere, to broaden their experiences and take on new challenges in pursuit of a new and deeper learning. Whether it’s your first step or your hundredth, fuel your love of adventure and get active while working with the largest youth charity in the world, YMCA!

608: Gould Farm

Monterey, Massachusetts

Gould Farm employs a community-centered, work-based therapeutic approach that delivers structure, fosters community engagement, and provides clinical support for our guests, who stay at Gould Farm for an average of 9 – 12 months.

1727: Brethren Academy

Gisenyi, Rwanda

Brethren Academy is a nursery school in a village setting on the outskirts of a small town in Rwanda, associated with the Church of the Brethren in the Africa Great Lakes region.

1722: Colegio Miguel Angel Asturias

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Colegio Miguel Angel Asturias is an innovative non-profit school that provides education to children from the most vulnerable sectors of society.

1505: Camp Mardela

Denton, Maryland

Camp Mardela, owned by the Mid-Atlantic District of the Church of the Brethren, is located on 125 acres of woodland. Camp Mardela’s mission is to “provide children and adults with opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and recreation in a setting that deepens their appreciation for God’s creation.”

1501: Camp Courageous

Monticello, Iowa

Camp Courageous of Iowa is a year-round recreation and respite care facility that annually serves over 6,000 people with disabilities. Camp Courageous believes that all people, regardless of ability level, have the right to opportunities found in the world around them and that individuals with disabilities, as well as their families, should be able to experience year-round recreational and respite care activities in a camp setting.

863: Lydia’s House

Cincinnati, Ohio

Lydia’s House is a home for women and children experiencing homelessness. We provide supportive, safe, and stable housing for these families, first via our shelter (houses up to five families) and then through our affordable apartments nearby. We are based in the Catholic Worker tradition and strive to exemplify many of the tenants of that model of ministry, such as staying small and sharing meals and worship/prayer.

615: L’Arche Cork

Cork, Republic of Ireland

The main role of a house assistant in L’Arche is to live and build community by creating a home with people who have an intellectual disability and with the other assistants in the house in which you are living. L’Arche is first and foremost a community, where the emphasis is on sharing life as opposed to being cared for or giving care. The only requirement to serve as an assistant is a willingness to learn and an open attitude.

862: New Bethany Ministries

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The Kitchen and Pantry Assistant helps operate New Bethany’s food related services and ensures guests of our kitchens are able to meet their emergency needs on a daily basis. The full-time volunteer will primarily work at our Northside Bethlehem kitchen and will be asked to work at our SouthSide kitchen and food pantry as needed.

1513: Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center

Little Rock, Arkansas

Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center serves as a summer camp and retreat center for Presbyterian churches in Arkansas, with an emphasis on outreach, eco-sustainability, and creative collaboration. Residential Volunteers will learn about camp, conference, and church ministry while building Ferncliff’s capacity for impact.

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