About BVS

What is BVS?

Through BVS, Brethren Volunteer Service, people give their time and skills to help a world in need. Volunteers work at issues greater than themselves, recognizing that their efforts may not immediately solve deep-rooted problems. Yet everyone can be part of the on-going work to advocate for justice, work for peace, serve human need, and care for creation.

Sharing God’s love through acts of service

Volunteers bring hope, offer food and shelter, and build relationships.

BVS seeks persons willing to act on their commitment and values. We challenge individuals to offer themselves, their time, and their talents for work that is both demanding and rewarding.

Volunteers receive room, board, medical insurance, transportation to project, and a monthly stipend of $250- $350 and money allocated for food.. In most cases, educational loans may be deferred. Depending on the project, volunteers may live alone, with a family, or in a group situation.

Each volunteer must bring a willingness to serve. Working towards peace and justice, and meeting the needs of humanity and the environment calls out for persons dedicated to service.

You can make a difference!

More about BVS

Affiliation with the Church of the Brethren

The sponsoring denomination, the Church of the Brethren, has a rich heritage of service and emphasizes practicing faith in daily life. In fact, one of the church’s founders said that members would be known “by the manner of their living.” Founded in 1708, the Church of the Brethren is a historic peace church, along with the Mennonites and Quakers. The Church of the Brethren has special concern for the poor and oppressed, and recognizes the cost and joy of Christian discipleship. BVS was established in 1948 to provide an intentional way to share God’s love through acts of service.

Brethren Volunteer Service is run as part of the Church of the Brethren’s Global Mission and Service. Learn more about the Church of the Brethren