Annual report

Each year the Church of the Brethren creates an annual report in text, photo, and video versions. These are typically released and posted around Annual Conference. Therefore, you can expect each year’s resources to appear in July.

2023 report (on 2022 ministries and EYN anniversary)

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Cover of 2023 Annual Report showing celebration in Nigeria
2023 Photo report
Cover of 2023 Church of the Brethren text annual report
2023 Church of the Brethren full written annual report

2022 report (on 2021 ministries)

Photo report
Full written report

2021 report (on 2020 ministries)

Dear Church: Living Letters of Christ
Click for the written annual report (PDF). Photo report appears below.

2020 report (on 2019 ministries)

This source of the video is downloadable for use by your Church of the Brethren congregation.

This source of the video has closed captions.
Esta edición del video tiene subtítulos en español.

2020 full written report

"Living Letters"

Annual Report archive

Past annual reports and videos