Youth and young adult ministries

Youth working in a garden at National Junior High Conference; two people playing frisbee; two people speaking at National Youth Conference; bread and cup communion; young adults sitting at a picnic table at Young Adult Conference; Christian Citizenship Seminar participants in front of the Washington City Church of the Brethren
Photos by Chris Brumbaugh-Cayford, Lauren Flora (3), Becky Ullom Naugle, and Becki Bowman

Jr. High

National Junior High Conference (NJHC) brings together junior high youth and advisors for a faith formation experience.

Sr. High

Christian Citizenship Seminar provides high school aged students and their advisors the chance to explore the relationship between faith and a particular political issue, and then act from a faith perspective regarding that issue.

National Youth Conference (NYC) gathers high school aged youth and advisors from across the country for a week long worship and fellowship extravaganza Brethren style!

Young Adult

Young Adult Conference (YAC) offers people ages 18-35 the chance to worship and fellowship over Memorial Day weekend.


FaithX trips are a way to express your faith through action.

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