Embroidered Cotton Face Masks

Four styles to choose from:

  • For the Glory of God and My Neighbor’s Good
  • Para la gloria de Dios y el bien de mi prójimo
  • Peacefully Simply Not So Close Together
  • Speak Peace

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New revised version of the popular Forerunners card game. Have fun learning about thirteen Brethren forerunners of the faith! 52 playing cards, plus instructions. All ages.

Eder River Jigsaw Puzzle

For the first eight Brethren the Eder River in Schwarzenau, Germany, signified a beginning. This 432 piece puzzle celebrates that beginning and reminds us of our rich biblical heritage.

Covenant Bible Studies

Study, Reflect, Grow, Together

This study points out inherently racist structures and attitudes within the church and larger society and encourages Christians to take action.

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Shine: All of Us

Shine: Living in God’s Light — preparing children, youth, congregations and families to love Jesus, grow in faith, change the world.