United States

863: Lydia’s House

Cincinnati, Ohio

Lydia’s House is a home for women and children experiencing homelessness. We provide supportive, safe, and stable housing for these families, first via our shelter (houses up to five families) and then through our affordable apartments nearby. We are based in the Catholic Worker tradition and strive to exemplify many of the tenants of that model of ministry, such as staying small and sharing meals and worship/prayer.

Website: https://stlydiashouse.org/

Job Descriptions

The Maternal and Early Childhood Advocate will assist the case manager in stabilizing and empowering families experiencing homelessness. The position will include one-on-one accompaniment with mothers and can include birth work, when available and if interested. A typical work week might include planning a continuing education module for our Lydia’s House alumni group, taking an expectant mom to a prenatal appointment, contacting a school about transportation for a family newly experiencing homelessness, cooking dinner for 15, and picking up groceries for the weekend pool party.

Previous leadership in a communal living situation such as a camp or college dorm is helpful. You must have a valid driver’s license and be able to lift small children in and out of car seats to do this job well.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LydiasHouseCincinnati/