What happened December 25, 1723?

“What Happened December 25, 1723?” is the title for a Brethren Heritage Center event celebrating the 300 anniversary of the founding of the first Brethren church in the Americas. Germantown Church of the Brethren in Philadelphia, Pa., is the oldest continuously existing congregation in the Brethren movement, and is considered the “mother church.”

Conference on Pietism will feature Church of the Brethren speakers

A conference on Pietism titled “Heirs of Pietism in World Christianity” is planned for June 1-3 in Dayton, Ohio, hosted by United Theological Seminary as a hybrid event (in-person and online). Among the sponsoring organizations is the Brethren Historical Library and Archives (BHLA), which is a ministry of the Church of the Brethren.

Nettle Creek Church of the Brethren celebrates 200 years of a unique history

By Brian Mackie Nettle Creek Church of the Brethren in Hagerstown, Ind., will be celebrating 200 years on Sunday, Oct. 11. The congregation was begun in 1820 and has a unique history, including hosting the 1864 Annual Meeting (now called the Annual Conference) of the Brethren–the last where Civil War martyr John Kline served as

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