Annual Conference officers return query regarding congregational latitude on matters of human sexuality

As part of their final processing of potential business items for the 2024 Church of the Brethren Annual Conference (, the Annual Conference officers ( have returned the Illinois/Wisconsin District’s query titled “Regarding Greater Congregational Latitude on Matters of Sexuality” back to the district for further revision and potential resubmission in 2025.

Silent Auction to benefit translation expenses and the general Annual Conference budget

The Program and Arrangements Committee is once again holding a silent auction at Annual Conference in Grand Rapids this summer. The idea emerged during a discussion about how we could intentionally contribute to the vitality of and increase traffic in the Exhibit Hall. However, it also offers us an opportunity to raise some additional funds.

Ephrata Church of the Brethren celebrates 125 years in the community

Ephrata (Pa.) Church of the Brethren invites the whole Ephrata community and beyond to celebrate the 125th anniversary of being a church family in the Ephrata landscape. There will be multiple events on the weekend of April 26-28, all at 201 Crescent Ave, Ephrata.

Material Resources program makes alternate plans after collapse of Key Bridge

The collapse of the Key Bridge in Baltimore, Md., was such a shock and very emotional for the staff of the Material Resources program of the Church of the Brethren. The loss of lives and loss of a critical bridge were on our minds. Now, almost three weeks later, alternate plans are being explored for shipments of relief goods from our warehouse facilities at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md.

Year-end financial report for Church of the Brethren denominational ministries

The 2023 year-end financial reporting covered both Core Ministries and the Self-Funding Ministries, including Material Resources and the Conference Office. Special purpose funds, including the Emergency Disaster Fund (EDF), which supports Brethren Disaster Ministries, the Global Food Initiative Fund (GFIF) which supports the Global Food Initiative, and the Emerging Global Mission Fund were also reported on.

Haitian church seeks hope in the midst of a desperate situation

“The only hope many people have is the light of God in the church,” said Ilexene Alphonse, describing the desperate situation of the Haitian people. Living as the church in Haiti right now is “stressful and it is painful, but the most part is that everybody, they live in a limbo. They are never certain about what will happen,” he said. “There is the constant fear of being kidnapped.”

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