Church of the Brethren study groups are invited to contribute to the Anabaptist Community Bible

From releases provided by MennoMedia

Church of the Brethren congregations and study groups are invited to participate in a once-in-a-generation project. Anabaptism at 500, initiated by MennoMedia, commemorates Anabaptism’s quincentennial celebration in 2025. The Church of the Brethren is considered one of the Anabaptist denominations.

The project is seeking participation in the Anabaptist Community Bible and a photo book focused on creative forms of Anabaptist witness.

Watch for a package containing information about Anabaptism at 500 to arrive in your church’s mailbox. The mailing includes a cover letter, a brochure about Anabaptism at 500, an invitation to participate in the Anabaptist Community Bible project, study guides–one leader and two participant guides, a poster calling for photos and stories for the photo book, and a bookmark.

The Anabaptist Community Bible will use the Common English Bible (CEB) translation and will include annotations to scripture passages submitted by biblical scholars, Anabaptist historians, and 500 study groups from diverse Anabaptist faith communities.

Study groups are already forming, and more are needed. Anyone who is part of an Anabaptist group–which includes the Church of the Brethren–is encouraged to form a Bible study group and sign up at

“The Anabaptist movement started with a group of earnest Christians reading scripture together,” said John Roth, project director. “We hope that this invitation to read the Bible together, and the Anabaptist Community Bible that results from the process, will bring new life and vitality to the Anabaptist church today.”

— Mollee Moua, managing editor for Anabaptism at 500, contributed to this report.

Above: Contents of the packet that has been mailed to each Church of the Brethren congregation, inviting study groups to contribute to the Anabaptism at 500 project and the Anabaptist Community Bible.

Please pray… For the study groups that will contribute their insights to the Anabaptism at 500 project and the new Anabaptist Community Bible.


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