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Photos feature the Brethren Volunteer Service, the Office of Global Mission, and the Going to the Garden initiative
Photos feature the Brethren Volunteer Service, the Office of Global Mission, and the Going to the Garden initiative

This is to God’s glory, that you bear much fruit,
showing yourselves to be my disciples.

John 15:8, NIV modified

Every gift is essential to the work of the Church of the Brethren. It is through the dedication of faithful people of passion like you that we serve across the US and around the world, bearing fruit in the name of Jesus. We are grateful for your partnership, your generous giving, and your prayers for those who serve and are served. Together, we expand Christ’s mission near and far by training disciples, developing and calling leaders, and transforming communities.

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Below are definitions for Core Ministries and Independently-funded (Self-funded) Ministries, and what missions, ministries, programs, and projects fall under each category. Also included are total 2020 expenses for each endeavor to provide a snapshot of the current cost to operate the work of our denomination.

CORE MINISTRIES strengthen congregations, pastors, leaders, and members to reveal Jesus in the neighborhood in the United States and partner with Brethren and sister churches around the world. Contributions to Core Ministries provides support for the programs and services provided by Discipleship Ministries, Global Mission, Service Ministries, Office of Peacebuilding and Policy, Brethren Historical Archives and Library, Brethren Volunteer Service, FaithX (workcamps), and the Office of Ministry.

Support Core Ministries

equips disciples of Jesus Christ to be innovative, adaptable, and fearless. Intercultural Ministries offers valuable resources and events for Brethren to both listen and share in meaningful conversations with the larger, diverse body of Christ. Youth and Young Adult Ministries provides opportunities for the next generation to grow in faith and embody the peace of Christ through relationships in their neighborhoods and in the world.

Support Discipleship Ministries

Office of Global Mission                      $ 450,912

accompanies our sisters and brothers around the globe. Our international partners discern how to share the radical transformation and holistic shalom of God in a way that relates to their context. Together, we care for the vulnerable, build churches, share the gospel, and transform communities.

Support Global Mission

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coordinates all ministries of the Church of the Brethren for the glory of God and our neighbor’s good. Office of Ministry equips district leaders and set-apart ministers for the challenges of ministry and encourages a culture of calling. Office of Peacebuilding and Policy builds relationships across lines of faith and politics, bears witness to the peace of Christ, and contributes to innovative endeavors that support peacemaking around the world.

Support Peacebuilding and Policy

Office of Service Ministries

$ 372,814

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organizes opportunities for Christ-like service and equips volunteers for relationship-based community engagement. Brethren Volunteer Service and Faith Outreach Expeditions (FaithX, formerly Workcamps) prepares people of all ages to be the hands and feet of Jesus for short-term and long-term service placements.

Support Brethren Volunteer Service

INDEPENDENTLY-FUNDED MINISTRIES highlight specific Christ-like passions relating to humanitarian work and new church development, which are coordinated hand-in-hand with the offices of Core Ministries. A Ministry Enablement Contribution of 9-percent is applied to these endeavors to support the work of Core Ministries staff who ensure the donor’s intended purpose of a gift is carried out.

Emergency Disaster Fund (Brethren Disaster Ministries)

$ 1,835,546

sustains disaster relief ministries reveal God’s love through caring for the vulnerable. The Rebuilding Program creates community as volunteers enter neighborhoods to rebuild homes affected by disaster and bring healing to survivors. Children’s Disaster Services trains and commissions volunteers to establish safe and comforting spaces for children in a time of crisis. The Nigeria Crisis Fund assists in a holistic relief effort as Nigerian sisters and brothers continue on a path of recovery. This ministry is connected to the Office of Service Ministries.

Support the Emergency Disaster Fund

cultivates our calling as followers of Christ to lift the burden of the oppressed. By working with partners in the US and around the world, education and provision of resources help establish food security. Contributions also support advocacy endeavors to address hunger issues. This ministry is connected to the Office of Global Mission.

Support the Global Food Initiative

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encourages service-minded Brethren from Haiti and the US to work in partnership to address the medical and infrastructure needs in Haiti. Financial contributions to this project allows for the mission to oversee projects that aid in providing humanitarian support of medical care, clean water, and sanitation. This ministry is connected to the Office of Global Mission.

Support Haiti Medical Project

supports ministers and their families during times of hardship. Approved and created at the 1998 Annual Conference, the MAF is an outreach ministry that provides grants to ordained persons for short-term needs. This ministry is connected to the Office of Ministry, under the Office of the General Secretary.

Support the Ministry Assistance Fund

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New and Renew (Church Planting and Revitalization)
provides an opportunity for church leaders to grow in their knowledge of church planting and congregational renewal. Gatherings allow for pastors and leaders of new church plants and established churches to worship, learn, and fellowship together. This ministry is connected to the Office of Discipleship Ministries.

Support New and Renew

Nigeria Church Rebuilding

continues the journey of healing and hope for the members of Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN), the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria. With the church at the center of EYN communities, rebuilding efforts allow for visualizing their mission in new ways. There is also an intentional effort to build a stronger global community between Brethren of the sister denominations of Nigeria and the United States. This ministry is connected to the Office of Global Mission.

Support Nigeria Church Rebuilding

To support these faith-building and life-changing ministries, visit or send a check to 1451 Dundee Ave. Elgin IL 60120. If you have any questions about making a gift (big or small), please contact the Office of Mission Advancement at or 1-800-323-8039 ext. 370.


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