613: L’Arche Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

BVS placements are available at some of the many L’Arche communities in Europe.

Website: http://www.larchebelfast.org.uk

Job Descriptions

The L’Arche Belfast Community consists of four houses and several projects and invites Assistants to come and share life with people with intellectual disabilities, building a community where everyone is valued regardless of ability, creed, or culture.

In addition to life in the house, there are other ways to be involved and use your gifts in the community, such as In Other Words, Root Soup, and Green Buds. In Other Words is an art project that focuses on different ways of communicating. Root Soup is a social enterprise that works with people who are homeless and people with learning disabilities to make food together and that caters for special events including weddings, anniversaries, and parties. Green Buds is a garden space in the hills just outside Belfast that provides training for people with learning disabilities and provides food for the community and Root Soup.

Requirements include acceptance of people of different cultures, social origins and practices as well as openness to living with people of varying abilities in a community where God is recognized as the source of life and where difference is seen as a gift. A driver’s license is helpful but not essential.
View a L’Arche Belfast video | Also visit rootsoup.co.uk

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