609: L’Arche Kilkenny

Callan, County Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland

BVS placements are available at some of the many L’Arche communities in Europe.

Website: http://www.larcheireland.org/kilkenny

Job Descriptions

The L’Arche Kilkenny Community invites Assistants to come and share life with people with intellectual disabilities, building a community where everyone is valued regardless of ability, creed or culture. The L’Arche Kilkenny Community consists of four houses plus four independent-living chalets in and near a small town and in a village. One of the houses is a rest house for assistants and there is a space for training or meetings. In addition, there is a craft workshop, a garden project, and a café.

Requirements include openness to living with people of varying abilities in a community where God is recognized as the source of life and where difference is seen as a gift; acceptance of people of different cultures, social origins, and practices; openness to relationship and respect for dignity; and a sense of responsibility, flexibility, and friendliness. A driver’s license is helpful but not essential.

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