Brethren Press shares information about new and upcoming books

Brethren Press is sharing information about three new and upcoming books: A Year of Living Differently, which is being published to mark the 75th year of Brethren Volunteer Service; The Peace Table, a new storybook Bible from the Shine curriculum jointly produced by Brethren Press and MennoMedia; and Luke and Acts: Turning the World Upside Down by Church of the Brethren biblical scholars Christina Bucher and Robert W. Neff.

A Year of Living Differently by James H. Lehman “is something of a photo album in words, providing snapshots of the people, places, ideas, and stories that make Brethren Volunteer Service a unique organization with an outsized impact around the world,” said a description from Brethren Press. “First-person accounts from BVSers make up a generous part of the book. And an extensive appendix lists every volunteer–more than seven thousand people. This is a book for browsing, exploring, reflecting, and being inspired by the living legacy of BVS.” $19.48. Order at www.brethrenpress.com.

Please pray… For all the people–adults, children, and families–who will be inspired by these new resources from Brethren Press and Shine, and will grow in faith.

The Peace Table: A Storybook Bible by Chrissie Muecke, Jasmin Pittman Morrell, and Teresa Kim Pecinovsky is offered as part of the Shine curriculum but is suitable for families to read with their children.

“Pull up a seat at The Peace Table, where everyone belongs!” said an announcement. “This comprehensive storybook includes biblically faithful retellings of 140 Bible stories. Stunning artwork from 30 illustrators makes this a feast for the eyes. Along with each Bible story, there are prayer prompts, questions, and action ideas to guide reflection and conversation. Twelve ‘Peace Paths’ allow children to ‘choose their own adventure’ through the book, exploring how peace themes are woven throughout the Old and New Testaments. A resource section includes ideas for how to experience peace with God, self, others, and creation, as well as maps, Bible background information, interactive ways to pray, and prayers for many occasions.

The Peace Table is an excellent resource for families and faith communities who want their children to love Jesus, grow in faith, and become peacemakers who change the world!”

$32.99. Hardcover, 352 pages, with full-color illustrations. Publication date: July 1. Order by June 1 and receive 25 percent off the list price. Discount applied at checkout. Available at www.brethrenpress.com and www.shinecurriculum.com.

A note to congregations: The Peace Table includes all the Bible stories for the Shine curriculum’s elementary groups, beginning Fall 2023 and continuing for three years. Purchase at least one per elementary classroom. Also, consider buying one for each family with preschool and elementary age children as a way to connect church and home.

Luke and Acts: Turning the World Upside Down by Christina Bucher and Robert W. Neff is a “readable study” in which readers and small study groups will “learn how this biblical narrative portrays the Jesus movement as one that turns the world upside down in a reversal of social structures,” said the description from Brethren Press. “Jesus’ Way advocates a new way of living in communities empowered by the Holy Spirit and centered on the heart.” A study guide for small groups is included. $20. Order at www.brethrenpress.com.


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