Bethany Seminary’s Peace Forum Is Now Being Webcast

Church of the Brethren Newsline
Sept. 23, 2010

The weekly Peace Forum lunch and speaker series held by Bethany Theological Seminary and Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Ind., can now be viewed live online or in archived form. Webcasts are coordinated by Enten Eller, the seminary’s director of Electronic Communications and Distributed Education. Online participants can even pose questions and comments to the presenter.

Attendance for the event is growing, according to the report from Anna Lisa Gross, Bethany’s student coordinator for Peace Studies. “Not only are participants sitting on the floor because the room’s 90 chairs are full, the crowd is gathering online. Accessibility is essential as we build cultures of peace. We are delighted to have people joining us online for Peace Forum.”

Gross added, “The Bethany Seminary, Earlham School of Religion, Earlham College, and Richmond communities join together each week over a free, delicious lunch and rich conversation. This is the only weekly place that these communities come together to share food, friendship, and matters of faith and intellectual pursuit.”

She reported that making the Peace Forum accessible to students from a distance also opens doors for the seminary’s “MDiv Connections” students to pursue a Peace Studies Emphasis. Connect to Peace Forum webcasts and a list of the fall’s speakers and topics at www.bethanyseminary.edu/academics_programs/peaceforum .

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