‘Reach Deep’ Fundraising Challenge Meets Its Goal

Mandy Garcia of the Stewardship and Donor Development staff says “THANKS” Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford

A letter headed “Urgent Need–A Landmark Challenge” was mailed out to Church of the Brethren prospective donors on Aug. 6 as the start of a “Reach Deep” fundraising challenge to meet a mid-year budget shortfall of $100,000 in the denomination’s Core Ministries Fund.

The generosity of one Brethren family who anonymously gave $50,000 in response to the need sparked the special funding drive. This family’s gift was offered as a challenge to others to “Reach Deep” to make up the remaining $50,000 by Sept. 15.

That challenge has now met its goal, having received a total of $74,869.18 in online giving and donations in response to the direct mail request, in addition to the original gift of $50,000.

The Stewardship department announced that the $100,000 goal was met on Sept. 1, and exceeded in the following days. “I am certainly grateful for the inspirational response of our donors when invited to ‘reach deep’ this past month,” said director Ken Neher.

The Core Ministries budget funds church programs ranging from Congregational Life Ministries and Caring Ministries, to Global Mission Partnerships and Brethren Volunteer Service, among others–as well as operating ministries including human resources, the finance department, communications, and more.

And there are still financial goals to meet before the end of the 2010. “I am looking forward to the continuing response of our donors to God’s generosity as the year winds down,” added Neher. “I am confident that all our goals for the year can be met if everyone continues to reach deep!”

— Mandy Garcia is coordinator of Donor Invitation for the Church of the Brethren.

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