Volunteer Schedules

See the BDM project volunteer schedule below to see when volunteers from your district are currently being recruited.

Groups on our schedule will now be assigned to either Carolinas 1 or Carolinas 2. All will be going to the same housing site in Lumberton, N.C. and working on homes in both North and South Carolina. With the double site, comes extra coordination by Disaster Project Leaders of all the work on location. In order to best serve the survivors, we need your help and cooperation to serve where your skills are best utilized that specific week. While your previous assigned project week may have listed one state, your skills may be better suited to needs in the other that week or on a team with volunteers you did not travel with. All of the work BDM is doing in both states is for Hurricane Matthew recovery. Please allow your hands and your hearts to go where you are requested to serve.

Carolinas schedule

2019 complete schedule

Puerto Rico schedule

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