Volunteer Schedules

See the BDM project volunteer schedule below to see when volunteers from your district are currently being recruited.

March 26, 2020 COVID-19 Update

The reopening date of the BDM Carolinas site has been suspended until May 3 and the Puerto Rico site to April 25. As was previously planned, the Tampa, Fla. site has closed and the location of Project 2 is officially scheduled to move to Dayton, Ohio for tornado recovery as soon as it is possible. However, the date of the new project opening will not happen until after May 2 or possibility later. That is due to all of the factors that are involved in the move from Florida to Ohio and setting up of a volunteer housing site that is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control around the coronavirus. All of the dates named are, of course, subject to future change depending on CDC guidance, restrictions from local officials in the project site areas and other states, and the local BDM partners in those areas being willing to accept volunteers. We are in close contact with these partners while monitoring when it will be acceptable to send volunteers without imposing any health concerns for our volunteers, the host community and most importantly the homeowners. If any further extension of these dates needs to be made in the coming weeks, it will be announced first with the groups and leaders on the schedule, and then publicly.

These schedules will be updated as decisions are made in the coming weeks and months.

Carolinas schedule

Dayton, OH schedule

Puerto Rico schedule

2020 complete schedule

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