Royer Retires as Manager of Global Food Crisis Fund

Howard E. Royer is retiring as manager of the Church of the Brethren’s Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) on Dec. 31. He has completed eight years as GFCF manager, serving three-quarter time on a contract/volunteer basis.

Brethren Funds Jointly Support Relief for Horn of Africa Famine

Two new grants from the Emergency Disaster Fund (EDF) and the Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) have been given to help hundreds of thousands of people affected by famine and drought in the Horn of Africa. The EDF grant of $40,000 and the GFCF grant of $25,000 follow up on two previous grants in the same amounts made in August.

Newsline for Nov. 2, 2011

News items include: 1) Assisi event calls for peace as a human right. 2) Brethren faculty report on conference at N. Korean university. 3) BBT goes green’ with e-mail publications, simplifies e-mail addresses. 4) Global Food Crisis Fund showcases projects for holiday giving. 5) Brethren Volunteer Service unit begins its work. 6) BBT co-sponsors financial and benefits seminar for congregations. 7) New Bible studies, Yearbook available from Brethren Press. 8) Brethren bits: Remembrance, personnel, college news, more.

Global Food Crisis Fund Showcases Projects for Holiday Giving

The Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) has launched a web page showcasing projects for alternative gift giving this holiday season. Go to “Reach out your soul to the hungry,” says an invitation. “Honor loved ones by giving a gift in their name to the Global Food Crisis Fund.

Newsline for Oct. 20, 2011

Articles include:
1. Board decides to cease operation of New Windsor Conference Center, gives provisional approval to Ministerial Leadership Paper, makes grant to Haiti earthquake response.
2. On Earth Peace releases statement of inclusion.
3. Religious leaders arrested in Rotunda in July have their day in court.
4. Peace Witness Ministries takes up food stamp challenge.
5. GFCF grants go to work in Honduras, Niger, Kenya, and Rwanda.
6. Tracy Stoddart Primozich to oversee admissions at seminary.
7. Workcamps are announced for 2012.
8. Brethren bits: Remembrance, personnel, jobs, anniversaries, more.

Newsline for Sept. 21, 2011

This week’s issue includes news of the International Day of Prayer for Peace bringing communities together, a Peace Prayer Wall posted by the World Council of Churches, a presentation by a WCC leader on peace and justice, upcoming events including preachers for the 2012 Annual Conference and the next Brethren webinar, order info for the Advent Devotional from Brethren Press, a report from the Brethren representative to the UN, and more “Brethren bits.”

Congregations Encouraged to Engage in Anti-Hunger Action This Fall

The general secretary of the Church of the Brethren, Stan Noffsinger, has sent a letter to each congregation in the denomination encouraging each to engage in some new and specific hunger action during this harvest season. The new effort is sponsored by the church’s Global Food Crisis Fund and the advocacy and peace witness office in Washington, D.C.

Americans Living in Poverty Reach Record Levels

Data released yesterday by the US Census Bureau reveals that nearly 46.2 million Americans now live in poverty, an increase of 2.6 million people since 2009 and the highest figures on record. The poverty rate for children under 18 increased to 22 percent (over 16.4 million children) in 2010. Among children under 5, the poverty rate increased to 25.9 percent (over 5.4 million children).

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