GFCF Grants Support Lybrook Ministries, Agriculture in Rwanda and the DR Congo

Recent grants allocated from the Church of the Brethren’s Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) support expansion of community gardening at the Lybrook Communities Ministries in New Mexico, and two agriculture projects that serve the Twa people in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These three grants total $36,180.

Brethren Funds Distribute $77,958, Brethren Disaster Ministries Starts New Project in West Virginia

A total of $77,958 has been distributed in recent grants from two funds of the Church of the Brethren, the Emergency Disaster Fund (EDF) and the Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF). The grants provide funding for the completion of a Brethren Disaster Ministries rebuilding project in New Jersey and the start up of a new rebuilding project in West Virginia, as well as a rabbit project in Haiti and assessment of GFCF-sponsored projects in the Africa Great Lakes region.

Global Food Crisis Fund Gives Grant to Haitian Brethren Agriculture Project

The Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) of the Church of the Brethren has given a grant of $35,000 to support the agricultural work of Eglise des Freres Haitiens, the Church of the Brethren in Haiti. This grant is in addition to three previous grants to the project. This is the fourth year for the agriculture program, which was planned to last five years as a post-disaster response effort following the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.

Global Food Crisis Fund Allocates Money to Evaluate Work in Haiti

An allocation from the Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) of the Church of the Brethren will fund an evaluation of the agricultural and community development work being undertaken by Eglise des Freres d’Haiti (the Church of the Brethren in Haiti).

Alaska Project Receives Going to Garden Grant to Support ‘Far North’ Gardening

A unique gardening project in Alaska is one of the sites receiving grants through the Going to the Garden initiative of the Church of the Brethren Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) and Office of Public Witness. “I was just floored by what they are doing,” commented GFCF manager Jeff Boshart. The Alaska effort is a personal mission of Bill and Penny Gay and an outreach project of their congregation at Pleasant Dale Church of the Brethren in Decatur, Ind.

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