Congregational Life Ministries announces Renaissance 2017-2020

Congregational Life Ministries is committed to empowering every person to make a positive difference in their world through demonstrating the extraordinary God. If we are to be faithful to our commitment to transform the world, we will reach out with an open, genuine hospitality to people wherever they are, inviting and welcoming them as we seek to renew existing congregations, start new faith communities, and inspire faithful discipleship.

Next Church Planting Conference is set for May 2018

Christiana Rice will be a keynote speaker and presenter at the Church Planting Conference hosted at Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Ind., on May 16-19, 2018. The conference is sponsored by the Church of the Brethren Congregational Life Ministries.

Wieand Trust gives grants to church plants in Chicago area

Congregational Life Ministries staff are supporting and overseeing grants from the David J. And Mary Elizabeth Wieand Trust to two church plants in the Chicago area. The Wieand Trust explicitly names Christian work in Chicago as one of three purposes for its grants.

New Church Planting Conference Calls for Development of Hope and Imagination

“Hope, Imagination, Mission”–the theme of the Church of the Brethren new church planting May 19-21 in Richmond, Ind., hosted by Bethany Theological Seminary–prompted a new call to the whole church to develop its imagination and foster a new hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some 100 people participated in worship, keynote presentations, workshops, and a special training track in Spanish. The conference was sponsored by Congregational Life Ministries.

Early Registration Discount Still Available for @Him #Hope #Imagination #Mission

Register by April 15 to take advantage of early registration discount for the new church development conference, @HIM #Hope #Imagination #Mission. This event is for church planters, anyone considering becoming a church planter, planting teams, and leaders eager to explore a vision of the church that includes vital established congregations and dynamic emerging mission points.

Registration Opens for Church Planting Event in May

Registration is now open for the new church development conference, @HIM #Hope #Imagination #Mission, scheduled for May 19-21 in Richmond, Ind. The conference will feature Efrem Smith and Mandy Smith as keynote speakers, and will be marked by passionate worship, informative workshops, valuable networking, and prayerful support.

New Church Development Advisory Committee Reorganizes

The National New Church Development Advisory Committee of the Church of the Brethren recently went through reorganization as it continues to give input and direction to denominational support for church planting.