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Going to the Garden seeks to address hunger and other issues of food-related justice. We hope to be able to effectively address food insecurity locally through support for community gardens while also encouraging education and action on related broader problems like environmental degradation, poverty, and farm worker justice. Going to the Garden should serve as a point of education regarding local and larger food systems and policies as well as a point for theological reflection and strengthening congregations.

Going to the Garden began as a joint grant-giving initiative between the Global Food Initiative (GFI) and the Office of Peacebuilding and Policy, which sought to address local food insecurity by providing micro-grants to congregations that allow them to create or supplement a community garden.

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In 2012 the GFI approved a grant of $30,000 which allowed for the creation of Going to the Garden, with an additional grant of $30,000 approved in 2014. Since then, 34 churches from across the country have received grants to start or supplement their gardens. The grant-giving portion of the program closed at the end of 2015.

In order to strive toward our original goal in which these local garden projects are a model for addressing food insecurity and inspiration for a theology of church and community engagement, nutrition education, environmental stewardship, land renewal, and food policy, the Office of Peacebuilding and Policy and Global Food Initiative are seeking new partnerships within the denomination and with others in the faith community who are also working on issues addressing hunger and other food justice issues.

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CAUSES-TV Interview

This interview was recorded at the University of the District of Columbia while David Young was in DC to speak at an urban agriculture summit.

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