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Margins: two webinars with Mike Pears, exploring the theme of mission in marginal places

Sponsored by Urban Expression, Bristol Baptist College, BMS World Mission and the Church of the Brethren

May 21, 12:30 Pacific/2:30 Central/3:30 Eastern/7:30 London - Mission in Marginal Places: Engaging with Power

Poor neighborhoods are often stigmatized as “problem estates” or “no-go zones” and the people are divided into “insiders” and “outsiders.” When we do mission in these areas we realize that the issues are much more complex than they first appeared. We soon find ourselves with more questions than answers. What is marginalization? Why does it affect people so powerfully? What does mission look like in marginal places? This webinar will explore these key questions.

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June 10, 12:30 Pacific/2:30 Central/3:30 Eastern/7:30 London - Researching Neighborhoods: Practical Tools for a Prophetic Community

Church planters can spend months researching a new place in order to shape their strategy. However neighborhoods are not that easy to read. It is difficult to see beond the obvious. Often we settle for a superficial understanding. Getting to know our neighborhood more deeply will change and challenge us in unexpected ways. It will open our eyes to what Jesus is doing around us and help us to be a prophetic church. Practical tools will be introduced for this exploratory journey.

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Mike PearsMike Pears

  • Coordinator of Urban Life – a center for urban mission
  • 30 years in urban ministry: experienced in incarnational mission and church planting
  • Faculty at Bristol Baptist College
  • Facilitator, Urban Expression
  • Completing doctoral studies: Mission and Urban Deprivation

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May 6, 7 pm central - Bullying, Marie Benner-Rhoades

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