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The Art of Resilience: Nurturing Practices for Flourishing

Thursday, July 20 2017
11:30 am PDT / 1:30 pm CDT / 2:30 pm EDT / 7:30 pm BST

Free, one-hour event
0.1 CEU - Live Event Only

In our lives and our local communities (not to mention the wider world) we can quickly be overwhelmed by the scale of the social, economic and environmental changes that face us.

How do we build resilience as individuals and families? How do we develop and nurture resilience in our communities? We will consider how to understand some of the challenges that we face, and what we can do to nurture personal and community resilience and to thrive.

Alex Ellish

After six years of ministry in London’s multicultural east-side, Alexandra (Alex) Ellish moved with her family to join an Urban Expression church-planting team in East London.

Alex is a coordinator with Urban Expression UK and works with the Anabaptist Network and Mennonite Trust as a development worker. Alex’s ministry focuses on engaging younger adults and activists interested in following Jesus in a peace-making tradition and building relationships with organizations committed to non-violence and social justice.

"The Art of Resilience" webinar link

Webinar Sponsors: Anabaptist Network UK, Bristol Baptist College, Church of the Brethren, Urban Expression UK

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