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Martin Payne
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - Martyn Payne
Families in the ‘hood

This webinar will unpack some of Martyn's research into Messy Church in challenging rural areas, and offer reflections on ways forward for family ministry in areas of deprivation, be those urban or rural. The session will look at examples of good practice as well as explore some of the significant differences between family ministry in challenging areas as compared to those in more affluent communities, and will also look at the five key values of Messy Church, namely hospitality, creativity, celebration, all age and Christ-centredness.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015 - Lloyd Pietersen
Reading the Bible after Christendom

The Bible is regarded as a classic of Western civilization but today is hardly read and its contents are not well known. Christendom used primarily the Old Testament as a foundation for statecraft and marginalized the teachings of Jesus. This webinar will draw from Lloyd’s book with the same title and will explore ways of reading the Bible that take seriously the teaching and example of Jesus.

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Jane Butcher
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Jane Butcher
Households of Faith

How might families explore and nurture faith together when they face daily challenges of time, having the family together, changing lifestyle patterns and needs as children get older and others? What does the ‘family context’ mean and what role does the extended church family play?

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Gail Adcock
Thursday, April 16, 2015 - Gail Adcock
Family Ministry

Family ministry has seen an unprecedented rise across the church in the UK in recent years. Increasing numbers of workers and congregations are seeking more holistic ways of working with parents, children and young people. This webinar will consider the current shape and formation of family ministry, exploring the various methods taken to engage with families. It will also reflect on how this work can be developed and supported in the future with particular reference to how the church may stand alongside families as they face the challenges of today’s society.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - Simon Perry
Atheism after Christendom

Throughout history, Atheism has been marked by a subversion of gods of the state. As such, from classical Greece, Imperial Rome and Medieval Christendom, Atheism was a criminal charge. After the European Reformations (16th Century), Atheism became a term of abuse and after the Enlightenment (18th Century) it became a badge of honor. In the postmodern era (21st Century) Atheism has become a measure of religious orthodoxy. The more domesticated Atheism has become, the more it has lost its subversive element, climaxing today in the endorsement of the very type of state activity it once opposed.

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Mary Hawes
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - Mary Hawes
Cradle to the Grave

The final webinar of the Family Matters series will seek to pull strands together, exploring how family life is woven from a complex blend of celebration, transition and tragedy. It will seek to offer models of how the wider church community can help to strengthen and support families when they are fraying at the edges. Finally, it will help participants reflect on the many aspects of family explored during the series and consider what are the challenges facing them in their own situations.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - Brian Haymes and Kyle Gingerich Hiebert
God after Christendom

Whatever is happening in history, whatever deals are struck between the Church and the state, whether a Christian voice is increasingly heard or marginalized in the arenas of power, God remains God and that is good news. At least it is so long as God remains God and not some being, even a supreme being. God after Christendom revisits the long tradition of Christian speech about God with the conviction that in scripture and in the history of Christian reflection on these matters there are rich resources for faithful discipleship that enable us to confront the contemporary temptations that too often unwittingly re-make God in our own image. Beginning with the biblical witness, the presenters explore some classic Christian affirmations and argue that they remain crucial for reflection on how we speak of God today, and subsequently move on to explore issues of evil and suffering and why faith in the Triune God inexorably leads to worship and peace.

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