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Policy for Viewing Prerecorded Material for CEUs

Recognizing that live participation is becoming increasingly difficult for mulitivocational ministers and given the growing library of recorded webinars available from denominational agencies, the Brethren Academy is offering clergy the opportunity to view and report on prerecorded webinars and other educational events for CEUs. A standardized reporting process will provide the necessary accountability.

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Póliza para Visualizar Material Pregrabados para CEUs

Dado el crecimiento de cuerpo de los trabajos grabados creados por las agencias de la Iglesia de los Hermanos, así como seminarios web y grabaciones de eventos en vivo, ciertas grabaciones ahora podrán ser vistos con el propósito de recibir unidades de educación continua (CEUs). Para que estas grabaciones sean elegibles para CEUs, deberán: 1) haber sido creadas por una de las agencias de la Iglesia de los Hermanos, 2) tener no más de diez años, y 3) haber sido originalmente ofrecida para CEUs de acuerdo con el criterio establecido por la Academia para Liderazgo Ministerial de los Hermanos.

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Règleman pou kappa wè materyèl ki anrejistre deja pou Inite Edikasyon Kontinyèl

Lè nou gade kantite travay ajans LEgliz Frè Yo kreye e anrejistre, tankou vebinè an evenman ki anrejistre sou plas, kèlke anrejistreman, jan sa endike anba a, kounye kapab wè-yo nan bi pou resevwa Inite Edikasyon Kontinyèl (IEK) (CEUs).

Telechaje nouvo politik la ak enstriksyon yo

The New Anabaptists: Practices for Emerging Communities

Stuart Murray Williams and colleagues Alexandra Ellish, Juliet Kilpin, and Karen Sethuraman have a new book, The New Anabaptists: Practices for Emerging Communities, released on January 30, 2024

In this companion to The Naked Anabaptist, Stuart examines the practices that flow from the core convictions and are likely to feature in churches, communities, and initiatives inspired by the Anabaptist vision. The New Anabaptists include stories from ministry pioneers establishing fresh gospel expressions in different contexts and neighborhoods. 

The book served as the theme of a webinar with Stuart on February 8, just days after the book’s release. 

CEUs: 0.1

The New Anabaptists: Practices for Emerging Communities

Click to download full-size flyer.

Alexandra Ellish
Alexandra Ellish

South African by birth, Alexandra Ellish spent her teenage years in England and then studied theology in Edinburgh and later Prague, where she was ordained as a Baptist minister. Alex has been engaged in urban mission and ministry since 2009 as a local church leader, Urban Expression mission partner and coordinator. Alex chairs the Incarnate church planting steering group of the Anabaptist Mennonite Network. She has training in pastoral supervision and supports Baptist ministers in training. Alex lives with her husband Philip, their two children and affable Jack Russell in Peckham, South London, where she is also the minister of Amott Road Baptist Church. Alex has itchy feet and dreams about all the places she might one day live but, in the meantime, enjoys the eclectic and delicious food of South London, meeting interesting people, and playing football with her local team.

Juliet Kilpin
Juliet Kilpin

Juliet Kilpin is a co-founder and coordinator of Peaceful Borders, a project of the Anabaptist Mennonite Network. Prior to this, she co-founded and coordinated Urban Expression, an urban mission initiative that began in 1997. Juliet studied and taught at Spurgeon’s College and has been a Baptist minister since 1996. She is also a Senior Community Organiser with Citizens UK, a people-powered alliance dedicated to challenging injustice and building stronger communities. She is currently chair of the European Baptist Federation’s Commission on Migration.

Karen Sethuraman
Karen Sethuraman

Karen Sethuraman is the first female Baptist minister in Ireland. She is currently a Pastor of SoulSpace, Peace and Reconciliation hub. Karen feels particularly called to minister outside the church walls, journeying with people who feel they don’t fit in church. She has served as chaplain to two Belfast Lord Mayors and is currently on the executive committee of the Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum. She also writes a weekly column for Belfast Media, and is part of the Ireland’s Future team.

Stuart Murray
Stuart Murray Williams

Stuart Murray Williams, a freelance trainer and consultant, was one of the founders of the Anabaptist Mennonite Network. He is the director of the Centre for Anabaptist Studies at Bristol Baptist College and has a PhD in Anabaptist hermeneutics. He was also one of the founders of Urban Expression, an Anabaptist-oriented urban mission agency. He is the editor of the “After Christendom” series and has written books on urban mission, church planting, post-Christendom, hermeneutics, and Anabaptism, including The Naked Anabaptist.

Leading in Alignment and Wholeness, Part 2

Presenter: Due Quach on November 14

Slides from Leading in Alignment and Wholeness, Part 2 (2 MB PDF)

Go to Leading in Alignment and Wholeness, Part 2 recording Passcode: pa1KYhW^

This interactive, experiential workshop will build upon the first webinar by shedding light on how our brain patterns influence what we co-create in the world around us and the importance of healing trauma to co-create peace. Due will share insights from the Parable of the Sower on the impact of trauma and how our autopilot can get stuck using limiting patterns to cope with adversity and trauma even when healing is available. You will then build your capacity to co-create healing and peace by strengthening your meta-awareness system. You will experience how the meta-awareness system enables you to discern the guidance of your Inner Sage to free yourself from limiting patterns, to move towards alignment and wholeness, and to embody and radiate love and light.

Miss the first webinar installment?  Watch Leading in Alignment and Wholeness, part 1 here
Passcode: t4D.aWa1

Believing and Belonging: Exploring Membership and Baptism, Part 2

Thursday, November 9th
Go to Believing and Belonging, Part 2 recording Passcode: 6*cA!CBp

Join Anabaptist Disabilities Network (ADN) field associates Bonnie Miller and Denise Reesor and executive director Jeanne Davies for a panel discussion on exploring membership with people who have intellectual disabilities. They’ll discuss inclusive classrooms or personal study with a pastor, mentor or parent; strategies for engaging and learning; and how to use ADN’s new curriculum Believing and Belonging: An Accessible Anabaptist Membership Curriculum. Bring your experience and questions for this practical conversation.

About our panelists:

Bonnie Miller has 27 years of experience in elementary/early childhood education: 15 years in special education. She has been involved in IEP conferences as both a parent and a teacher. At both school and church, Bonnie works to make classrooms barrier-free for children with a variety of disabilities. Bonnie has advocated for disabled members in her congregation and enjoys brainstorming ways to help every child experience full inclusion with their peers.

Denise Reesor is a School Psychologist at Elkhart County Special Education Cooperative. She has a Master of Education Specialist degree from Valparaiso University. She is passionate about the inclusion and belonging of all peoples and families in the church.

Jeanne Davies serves as executive director for ADN. She has a Master of Divinity degree from Bethany Theological Seminary and a Graduate Certificate in Disability and Ministry from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. She is the author of the Believing and Belonging curriculum.

Online webinar Nov 9 at 7 pm Eastern. "Believing & Belonging part 2: A Panel Discussion exploring membership and baptism for people with intellectual disabilities" with Jeanne Davies, Bonnie Miller, and Denise Reesor.

Did you miss part 1? Watch Believing and Belonging, Part 1. Passcode: CdA2.z?j

Believing and Belonging, Part 1

A Conversation on Baptism and Church Membership for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Featuring Dr. Sarah Jean Barton, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy and Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School, author of “Becoming the Baptized Body: Disability and the Practice of Christian Community” and Jeanne Davies, Executive Director for Anabaptist Disabilities Network, author of “Believing and Belonging: An Accessible Anabaptist Membership Curriculum”

Dr. Sarah Jean Barton and Jeanne Davies discuss baptism and church membership with particular attention to people with intellectual disabilities. Baptism is a practice of belonging that not only affects individuals but the entire church. How have people with intellectual disabilities been excluded and why? What must we know in order to be baptized? How do we offer the necessary preparation? How do we all participate in baptism? Is there belonging without baptism? We will explore all these questions and more.

Priesthood of All Believers

Led by Denise Kettering-Lane. Hosted by the Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center.
Passcodes are listed beneath the links.

Sept 11 2023 Priesthood of all Believers Session 1

Passcode: LtV^Tf22

Sept 18 2023 Priesthood of all Believers Session 2

Passcode: Et03PN+0

Sept 25 2023 Priesthood of all Believers Session 3

Passcode: #ywd#e+6

Leading in Alignment and Wholeness

Date: Thursday, September 28, 2023
Recording link: Passcode: t4D.aWa1

Slides from “Leading in Alignment and Wholeness”

Being aligned and whole enables us to feel centered and grounded, embody our values, access our inner wisdom, and compassion, and harness our talents, skills, and energies to become the fullest expression of ourselves. Alignment and well-being amplify our capacity to rise to challenges, nurture meaningful relationships, and enrich our communities. This interactive, experiential webcast based on neuroscience provides you with practical tools and exercises to strengthen the neural networks that integrate the brain so that you can experience more and more alignment and wholeness. Join us to experience for yourself how activating and strengthening these neural networks enhances your capacity to be open, attuned, responsive, resourceful, resilient, curious, insightful, creative, innovative, collaborative, inclusive, and inspiring.

Presenter: Due Quach

Due Quach (pronounced ‘Zway Kwok’) is the author of Calm Clarity: How to Use Science to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Wisdom, Fulfillment and Joy, one of Fast Company’s best business books of 2018. In the greater Philadelphia area, Due has provided training and resourcing to the Society of Friends Alliance and numerous Catholic agencies and institutions.

John Ritner “Positively Irritating”

"Positivley Irritating" Webinar with John Ritner from Church of the Brethren on Vimeo.

A Small World: Building Resiliency and Hope after Childhood Trauma

Webinar description

Nearly half of all children have experienced a traumatic event in their lives. These experiences have the potential of altering the ways children view the world and themselves, and these impacts can last well into adulthood. However, this is not the end of the story. Communities and supports can and do provide care that can shift outcomes and change lives. In this presentation, we will define trauma and its effects and learn resources and ways of being to build resilience and hope.


Jon-Erik (J.E.) Misz, MDiv, LCSW. J.E. lives in Goshen, Indiana, where he works as a licensed clinical social worker and clinical supervisor in a community mental health center. He holds a Master of Social Work from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a Master of Divinity from Duke University. Integrating his interests in mental health, faith, and spoken word poetry, he has led discussions both locally and nationally on subjects such as trauma-informed care, anxiety and depression, and adolescent mental health. He is currently serving as secretary for the ADN Board of Directors.

Webinar sponsored by the Anabaptist Disabilities Network and Discipleship Ministries of the Church of the Brethren.

“I’ve reached my breaking point as a pastor”

Featuring Peter Chin, senior pastor of Rainier Avenue Church in Seattle, Wash., and a former columnist for Christianity Today. He has planted and led churches in major metropolitan cities throughout the United States, and his ministry focus on racial reconciliation has been featured in the Washington Post, CBS Sunday Morning, and National Public Radio. He is also the author of Blindsided by God, a memoir of his wife’s fight against breast cancer while pregnant with their third child. 

This session was sponsored by the Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church program.

“Why Pastors Are Joining the Great Resignation”

Featuring Melissa Florer-Bixler, who recently wrote an article ( for Sojourners speaking with truth, grace and hope. She remains profoundly hopeful about the church even in the face of the clergy shortage and people dropping out of pews. Her confidence remains in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as she proclaims pastors continue to be called and loved. Listen in as she shares honestly and caringly as pastors continue to wait and hope.

Hosted by Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church, a program of the Church of the Brethren Office of Ministry that supports, resources and advocates for part-time, multivocational and not-paid-to-scale pastors.

Dementia and Congregational Care

Dementia and Congregational Care slides (PDF) – Dementia and Congregational Care Resources List (PDF)

Dementia affects individuals, their family members, and the congregation. We often want to offer support, but we do not know where to start. We often back off because we don’t want to do the wrong thing. This webinar will help you understand the basics of dementia and learn how to reach out. Weoffer communication tips and practical ways to stay connected. We can maintain relationships by providing reassurance, encouragement, and acceptance. When we include our members with dementia and their families, the whole congregation benefits. 

Heddie Sumner, RN, BSN, leads this webinar. Before her retirement, Heddie served as Care Manager and Dir. of Dementia Services, and Dir. of Resources and Development for the Midland County Council on Aging in Michigan. She is a co-author of two works: A Family Centered Alzheimer’s Care – A Caregiver’s Manual and Doing More with Less: Michigan Dementia Coalition. In addition, Heddie provides training on dementia for staff of adult care facilities and church leadership.

Heddie Sumner headshot
Heddie Sumner

This webinar was co-hosted by Church of the Brethren Discipleship Ministries and Anabaptist Disabilities Network.

The Promise of Church in Hard Places

with Pastor Darryl Williamson

This workshop from the 2021 New & Renew conference will address why establishing churches in neglected communities will not only bring spiritual and holistic restoration to those neighborhoods but will also usher in a mission movement in cities across the national landscape. The vision of the Crete Collective will be presented as the profile of a church planting and revitalization movement toward those communities.

Darryl Williamson has been the Lead Pastor of Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa, FL., since January 2010. He helped transition the church from a primarily middle-aged African American membership to a multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational congregation.

Mental Health Webinar, Part II

Janelle Bitikofer’s June webinar, “Providing Mutual Support When People Are Experiencing Mental Illness,” was so engaging, and viewers had so many questions, that we will be offering a part two. In this continued conversation, we’ll discuss practical ways for congregations to engage in mutual care.

Webinar slides (3 MB)

Janelle Bitikofer is Executive Director of We Rise International, lead mental health trainer for Churches Care – a mental health and addictions training program for congregations, and author of Streetlights: Empowering Christians to Respond to Mental Illnesses and Addictions – a mental health and addictions support manual for churches. 

Purchase Streetlights from Brethren Press 

Learn more about the Churches Care Program 

This webinar was co-sponsored by the Anabaptist Disabilities Network and Church of the Brethren Discipleship Ministries. 

Providing Mutual Support When People Experience Mental Illness

How can we walk with people who are experiencing a mental illness in our congregations and community? Attend this June 17, 2021 “Mental Health 101” webinar with Janelle Bitikofer. Become more aware of the prevalence of mental illnesses in our congregations and communities, their causes and symptoms, and some keys to providing mutual support.

Slides for “Providing Mutual Support When People Experience Mental Illness”

Janelle Bitikofer is Executive Director of We Rise International and lead mental health trainer for Churches Care – a mental health and addictions training program for congregations. She authored the book, Streetlights: Empowering Christians to Respond to Mental Illnesses and Addictions, a mental health and addictions support manual for churches. (Click the book cover to order from Brethren Press).

The webinar is co-sponsored by Church of the Brethren Discipleship Ministries and Anabaptist Disabilities Network.

What Will Be the ‘New Normal’?

Featuring Mark DeVries, president of Ministry Architects, and epidemiologist Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen, this Town Hall explores what the future might hold in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the possible shape of a “new normal.” Topics include: the current state of the pandemic, when and how churches can safely resume in-person activity, the importance of hybrid (in-person plus online) approaches to ministry to ensure accessibility for all, navigating ongoing tensions and headlines related to the pandemic, facing into the loss and grief of the COVID-19 crisis, how to support both parishioners and pastors, the future trajectory of the pandemic, and how best to equip ourselves for tomorrow. A recording of the Town Hall is available upon request. Interested persons can make their requests by emailing:    

Listening and Learning from Brethren Leaders of Asian-American Heritage

A virtual conversation sponsored by the Office of Ministry featuring three Brethren leaders of Asian-American heritage hosted by Dave Shetler, District Executive Minister of Southern Ohio/Kentucky district.  The event held through Zoom on Wednesday, May 5th at 7:30 pm (EDT) focused on the current concern for the safety, needs, and valuing of Asian-American and Pacific Islander members of American society in light of recent instances of violence directed toward them.  Insights, experiences, and wisdom are offered by Wendy McFadden, publisher of Brethren Press and Communications; Madalyn Metzger, Vice President of Marketing at Everence Financial, and Lin Reish, Associate Research Analyst at Healthline Media.  

Today’s Headlines, Yesterday’s Wisdom
Historical Insights for the Contemporary Church

Today’s Headlines, Yesterday’s Wisdom study guide
0.1 CEU for watching the video

Featured resource persons are Brethren historians Carl Bowman, William Kostlevy, Stephen Longenecker, Carol Sheppard, and Dale Stoffer. Learn more about them. The focus of the Town Hall, “Today’s Headlines, Yesterday’s Wisdom. Historical Insights for the Contemporary Church,” includes considering various issues confronting the church: Accountability, Biblical Authority, Compelling Vision, Division, and Nationalism. Though every era is unique, there is much to learn from the experience of history. The Brethren historians explore the richness of our heritage, highlighting the depth of our tradition and offer practical learnings applicable to today’s church. The intent is not to return to the past but to profit from history’s wisdom as we strive to transform the contemporary church.

0.5 CEU for watching the video

Peacebuilding When We’re So Divided

Annual Conference Moderator Paul Mundey and featured resource person Dr. William H. Willimon, a highly respected church leader who has served as a pastor, seminary professor, university chaplain, and bishop, discuss “Peacebuilding When We’re So Divided.”
As both church and culture continue to fracture, many are discouraged, groping for ways to address the divide. This session explores practical peacebuilding skills, drawing on current best practices, along with insights from scripture, theology, and church history. The emphasis is on hope while acknowledging the necessity of realism and lament.

Study guide for “Peacebuilding When We’re So Divided”

The Global Church: Current Happenings, Future Possibilities

“The Global Church: Current Happenings, Future Possibilities.” Carol and Norm Waggy, Interim Directors of Global Mission for the Church of the Brethren, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study Guide for “The Global Church:  Current Happenings, Future Possibilities”

Healing Racism Congregations and Communities Series for 2021

Tuesday, February 9th from 12:30-2:00pm Eastern was a webinar on entitled “Who Will Be A Witness: Igniting Activism for God’s Justice, Love and Deliverance.” 

Drew G. I. Hart is an assistant professor of theology at Messiah University and has 10 years of pastoral experience. He is Director of Messiah University’s Thriving Together: Congregations for Racial Justice program and co-host of Inverse Podcast. Hart is the author of Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism (2016) and Who Will Be A Witness?: Igniting Activism for God’s Justice, Love, and Deliverance (2020). He was the recipient of bcmPEACE’s 2017 Peacemaker Award, the 2019 W.E.B. Du Bois Award in Harrisburg, PA, and was Elizabethtown College’s 2019 Peace Fellow. Drew and his family live in Harrisburg, PA. (Twitter & Instagram @DruHart).

Moderator’s Town Hall

Faith, Science and COVID-19, Part Three

0.1 CEU for watching

Held on January 21, 2021, this Town Hall featured Annual Conference Moderator Paul Mundey and Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen, Professor of Global Health at George Mason University.

A special focus of the Town Hall was current trend lines related to the COVID-19 crisis and the rollout of vaccines to alleviate the pandemic. Also discussed was the role of churches in response to the crisis, as the faith community is called to grapple with the realities of both faith and science.

A recording of the Town Hall is available upon request, along with an accompanying study guide. Interested persons can make their request/s by emailing:   

Do We Want to Get Well? Healing What Divides Us.

0.1 CEU for watching the video (see policy and procedure, above). This webinar was sponsored by Discipleship Ministries of the Church of the Brethren and the Anabaptist Disabilities Network.

This webinar took place January 21, 2021, a day after the inauguration of the President of the United States, and during the season of Epiphany, a celebration of God’s love and light brought into the world. There are deep divisions in our country between neighbors, church members, friends, and families. How might we be a part of God’s work of healing ourselves and our relationships?

During the webcast we will explore the following matters:

  • What ails us?
  • Do we want to get well?
  • Healing ourselves and our relationships
Amy Julia Becker with arms crossed in sunlight

Amy Julia Becker is an award-winning writer, speaker, and podcaster on faith, family, disability, and privilege. She is the author of four books, including White Picket Fences: Turning Towards Love in a World Divided by Privilege.

Her essays have appeared in numerous publications, including Christianity Today, The Washington Post, Time, Vox, and Q Ideas.

A graduate of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary, Becker lives with her husband Peter and three children in western Connecticut.

Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season

Annual Conference Moderator’s Town Hall

0.1 CEU for watching the recording (see policy, above)

Study Guide for Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season

The focus of the Town Hall will be: “Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season.” Multiple factors press in on persons and congregations during our current, difficult life chapter. As a result, it is easy to become immobilized by the gravity of weighty issues and emotions as they swirl around us. Our calling, however, is to be adaptable and innovative despite the challenges before us. To that end, practical ideas for flourishing in a hard season will be shared, applicable to clergy, laity, and congregations.
A native of Texas, Mark DeVries is a graduate of Baylor University and Princeton Theological Seminary. From 1986-2014, Mark served as Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to his pastoral ministry, Mark has engaged in a career of entrepreneurial ministry and coaching. A serial entrepreneur, Mark has founded or co-founded numerous sustainable ministry enterprises, including Ministry Incubators, the Center for Youth Ministry, Justice Industries, and most notably, Ministry Architects (2002). Ministry Architects has worked with over 950 churches, schools, and nonprofits, deploying over 80 consultants and offering counsel in strategic initiatives for entire congregations as well as youth ministry, children’s ministry, young adult ministry, small church ministry, and executive coaching. Since his beginning as a part-time consultant, Mark himself has worked with over 1000 congregations.

 Mark is the author of several books, including Family-Based Youth MinistrySustainable Youth Ministry, and The Indispensable Youth Pastor (with Jeff Dunn-Rankin). Mark and his wife, Susan, co-authored a marriage book (with their good friends, Robert & Bobbie Wolgemuth) entitled The Most Important Year in a Woman’s Life / The Most Important Year in a Man’s Life.

Moderator’s Town Hall
Leading in a Time of Crisis

0.1 CEU for watching the recording (see policy, above)

Phil Stone, President emeritus of Bridgewater College, joins Church of the Brethren Annual Conference Moderator Paul Mundey to discuss Leading in a Time of Crisis.

Study guide for “Leading in a Time of Crisis”

Moderator’s Town Hall
Racism: Deeper Awareness, Bolder Action

0.1 CEU

The featured speaker is veteran civil rights leader and former UN Ambassador Andrew Young, a pioneer in and champion of civil and human rights. Ambassador Young’s lifelong dedication to service is illustrated by his extensive leadership experience of over sixty-five years, serving as a member of Congress, African American U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Mayor of Atlanta, and ordained minister, among other positions.

Study guide for “Racism: Deeper Awareness, Bolder Action”

Continuing the Work of Jesus: Responding to the Opioid Crisis

Over the past two and a half decades, the misuse of opioids (both prescription and non-prescription) has increased dramatically, leading to a staggering number of addictions and deaths. The opioid crisis has touched individuals, families, and communities throughout the United States with tragic consequences. As followers of Jesus the Healer, Christians are called to respond to this crisis and make a difference in the lives of those affected and endangered. This webinar will review some of the background of the crisis, discuss the current situation, and explore ways congregations and individuals can promote healing for addicts, support families, and prevent addictions from developing.

Opioid webinar resource listResponding to the Opioid Crisis slides

Jim Benedict smiling in front of a bookshelf

James Benedict, Ph.D., has over 30 years’ experience as a pastor in the Church of the Brethren and is currently a Scholar in Residence at the Center for Global Health Ethics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Cultivating a Verdant Faith: Eco-Discipleship Practices for the 21st Century Church

The Christian faith has something to contribute to how we relate to God’s creation. Instead of being distracted by the news of the day, we need a metanoia moment and the church needs to lead with hope and faith. Not a passive hope – waiting for external agencies to bring about what we desire; rather an active hope – partnering with God to bring about what God desires because none of this is ours, it’s on loan to us from the One who created it all.

Webinar presenters Jonathan Stauffer and Randall Westfall have come to believe that living attuned with God’s creation is now essential to our discipleship with Jesus. In recent years, they have rediscovered just how attuned to creation Jesus was. His teachings often made a point by drawing on the natural world around him. He knew God’s wisdom came from these encounters and sought them out intentionally. He sought the solace of the wilderness, the sea, the mountain, and the garden to regenerate his ministry and mission. Jesus was drawing on a blueprint as old as creation itself.

Jonathan and Randall will present a two-part webinar series. Each session weaves eco-practices into the fabric of one’s discipleship and spiritual formation with Christ. By exploring the various themes of eco-discipleship, participants will unearth their relationship with creation in new and profound ways. Join us as we explore just how verdant our faith can be!

Session 1: Ecodoxy (Eco-Blueprint & Eco-Theology) 
Slides from this session: Eco-Blueprint slides – Eco-Theology slides

Session 2: Ecopraxy (Eco-Stewardship & Eco-Disciplines) 

Slides from this session: Eco-Disciplines slides by Randall Westfall – Eco-Stewardship slides by Jonathan Stauffer

Each session is 75 minutes.

Webinar sponsors: Outdoor Ministry Association and Discipleship Ministries of the Church of the Brethren

CEUs of 0.25 for both sessions or 0.125 to attend one session. There is a one-time $10 fee for pastors wanting a CEU certificate for attending one or both webinars.

Jonathan Stauffer speaking from a podium

Jonathan Stauffer is a high school science instructor and freelance eco-theologian. He has served as camp counselor and nature program leader at various Brethren camps for over a decade. Jonathan obtained a bachelor’s in physics from Manchester University (IN) and is a recent graduate of Bethany Seminary, earning an MA in Theological Studies. He also has hands-on experience with wind and solar energy. Jonathan currently serves on the OMA Board and resides in Polo, Illinois.

Randall Westfall smiling. There is a cross on the wall behind him.

Randall Westfall has been mentoring folks on the deep nature connection journey for over a decade and seeks to bridge the outer landscapes of God’s creation with the inner landscapes of the soul. He studied Religion and Psychology at Manchester University (IN); and is a graduate of Wilderness Awareness School (WA) where he received masters level certifications in naturalist studies, wilderness survival, wildlife tracking, ethnobotany, bird language and nature mentoring. He is currently a TRiM student and licensed minister in COB. Randall is the Director at Camp Brethren Heights in west-central Michigan, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Witness of Churches on the Path to Healing Racism: A Theological Exploration

Grace Ji-Sun Kim smiling in front of greenery

Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Earlham School of Religion’s Theology Professor will share theological insights for us as followers of Jesus on the path to Healing Racism. Dr. Grace is the author of several books including Healing Our Broken Humanity: Practices for Revitalizing Church and Renewing the WorldIntercultural Ministry: Hope for a Changing World and is editor of Keeping Hope Alive: Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Rev LaDonna smiling, standing at a lectern

Intercultural Ministries Director Rev. LaDonna Nkosi is the interviewer and moderator.

There is no ‘should’ in social media

Social media slides

With congregations unable to meet in person, you may feel pressured by the technology and skills that you feel you “ought” to have. This webinar asks you to consider your “why,” focusing on skills and assets you already have and the needs of your group. It looks at some of the most popular social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, with practical tips on setting up, scheduling, and using them.

Jan Fischer Bachman is web producer for the Church of the Brethren. She has broadcast on Facebook Live for the denomination as well as her home congregation, Oakton Church of the Brethren. And, yes, she has managed to take inadvertent selfies and shots featuring her fingers while live.

Best Practices for Online Worship: Considerations and Strategies

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced almost every worshiping community to make massive changes within a few weeks. The methods and styles of worship cherished by the church had to be left behind or adapted into a new virtual paradigm. The rapid change spurred by COVID-19 has not allowed a luxury of time to reflect on how those adaptations might be faithful to our beliefs and theology. It is a time not unlike when the Hebrew people were taken into exile in Babylon and had to create new worship styles–and a new understanding of God and God’s people–for their faith to survive. Those changes, however, are what allowed the faith to flourish in new ways.

This one-hour webinar will address questions that this unwanted pandemic and the new paradigm for doing church present. “How do we avoid ‘spectator worship’ and keep worship the work of the people?” “What sort of technology might best fit our theology and our specific congregation’s needs?” “What are some technical and liturgical tips and tricks that can help us right now?” And not the least of the questions, “What are the learnings and gifts from this unwanted transition that inform how we think about our churches going forward?” You are welcome to bring your own questions as well.

Enten Eller smiles in front of trees

Enten Eller, of Palmyra, PA, is a tri-vocational pastor. He currently serves the Ambler (PA) Church of the Brethren, and the denomination’s only completely online church, the Living Stream Church of the Brethren. Enten helped launch Living Stream COB into virtual worship space eight years ago, long before the current pandemic.

Enten has run his own small computer business for over 35 years. He is passionate about using technology to build community in the service of the church, having served as Director of Distributed Education and Electronic Communication at Bethany Theological Seminary until his return to pastoral ministry. His third vocation is peacemaking and conflict resolution. His interests include tandem bicycling with his wife Mary, camping, kayaking, and travel.

Leading in a Time of Crisis

In times like these, it is crucial that leaders remain calm under pressure, make the right decisions, and then effectively implement those decisions.

What can leaders do when uncertainty lies at the heart of the COVID-19 crisis? The webinar will identify how people can feel overwhelmed, help people gain resilience, and the importance of making virtual social connections viable.

Stan Dueck wearing a suit and tie

Stan Dueck is director of Organizational Leadership and co-coordinator of Discipleship Ministries for the Church of the Brethren.

Family Ministry

with Gail Adcock
0.1 CEU

Leading Teams: Positives, Pressures, and more

with Fran Beckett
0.15 CEU

The Practical Struggles Faced by Asylum Seekers and How the Christian Community Can Respond

with Rachael Bee
0.1 CEU

Households of Faith

with Jane Butcher
0.1 CEU

Relational Leadership

with Kerry Coke
0.1 CEU

Missional Worship and Congregational Formation

with Debra Dean Murphy
.15 CEUs

Missional Worship and the Lord’s Table

with Debra Dean Murphy
.15 CEUs

Anabaptist Core #5

with Alex Elish
0.1 CEU

Joining Jesus Outside the Camp

with Steve Finamore
0.1 CEU

Hospitality and Community After Christendom

with Andrew Francis
0.1 CEU

Anabaptist Core #6 – Spirituality and Economics

with Jo Frew
0.1 CEU

Just Friendship

with Andrew Grinnell
0.1 CEU

Families, Households and Tribes

with Sean Hancock
0.1 CEU

From Cradle to Grave

with Mary Hawes
0.1 CEU

God After Christendom?

with Brian Haymes and Kyle Gingerich Hiebert
0.1 CEU

Prayer and Service

with Phileena Heuertz
0.1 CEU

Anabaptist Core #7 – Peace – Heart of the Gospel

with Mark and Mary Hurst
0.1 CEU

Pioneering in a Global Context

with David Kerrigan
0.1 CEU

Pioneers – Embracing the Unknown

with Juliet Kilpin
0.1 CEU

Anabaptist Core #4

with Juliet Kilpin
0.1 CEU

Changing World, Future Church, Ancient Paths #1

with Juliet Kilpin and Stuart Murray Williams
0.1 CEU

Changing World, Future Church, Ancient Paths #2

with Juliet Kilpin and Stuart Murray Williams
0.1 CEU

Webinar 1: Monologue or Multi-Voiced Learning?

with Stuart Murray Williams
0.1 CEU

Webinar 2: Vision for Multi-Voiced Church?

with Stuart Murray Williams
0.1 CEU

Fading Christendom

with Stuart Murray Williams
0.1 CEU

How Not to Fix People, Including Yourself

with Ben Payne
0.1 CEU

Families in the ‘hood’

with Martyn Payne
0.1 CEU

Margins 1 – Mission in Marginal Places

with Mike Pears
0.1 CEU

Margins 2 – Researching Neighborhoods

with Mike Pears
0.1 CEU

Atheism After Christendom

with Simon Perry
0.1 CEU

Reading the Bible after Christendom

with Lloyd Pieterson
0.1 CEU

Youth Work After Christendom – Revisited

with Nigel Pimlott
0.1 CEU

What is Wonder? Where and How do we Find it? Webcasts for Transformation #1

with Anabel Proffitt
0.1 CEU

Cultivating Religious Imagination in Life and Ministry

with Anabel Proffitt
0.1 CEU

Conflict Competent Leadership

with Christiane Rice
0.1 CEU

Looking for Transformation

with Anna Ruddick
0.1 CEU

Anabaptist Core #2

with Rev LaDonna Sanders Nkosi
0.1 CEU

Experience Gentrification in the East End of London With Anarchists & Squatters

with Rob Schellert
0.1 CEU

Anabaptist Core # 1 – Jesus – Our Example, Teacher, Friend, Redeemer and Lord

with Joshua Searle
0.1 CEU

Anabaptist Core #3

with Andrew Suderman
0.1 CEU

The Family and How the Scriptures are Passed to the Next Generation

with Howard Worsley
0.1 CEU