Annual Conference 2020 logo is released, moderator shares thoughts on theme

Art by Timothy Botts

The logo for the 2020 Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren has been released, accompanying the theme “God’s Adventurous Future.” Next year’s Conference will take place on July 1-5 in Grand Rapids, Mich., with moderator Paul Mundey presiding.

The moderator will be sharing a quarterly pastoral letter on the Conference theme under the title “Trail Thoughts: Trekking Toward God’s Adventurous Future.” The first letter in the series is now available on the Annual Conference website, addressing the topic of anxiety and including discussion questions for use by study groups as well as resource suggestions to “dig deeper.” Find Mundey’s fall 2019 letter at .

“As the theme infers, our future is not uneventful; it is marked by “rigorous peaks, rushing currents, and deep valleys,” said Mundey. “Thus, there is challenge in the journey that, in all honesty, can be unsettling, even anxiety-producing. Such angst marks, in particular, our pilgrimage as the church. Frankly, we live in one of the most complex, daunting eras in modern ecclesiastical history. Numerous issues not only rumble among us, they tear at us, threatening the very fabric of our denominational being. As we acknowledge such reality, it’s hard to be optimistic. But it’s wise to be expectant, even hope-full, for God moves among us, calling us beyond our bewilderment and discord.”

Mundey noted that “scripture bears testimony to God’s audacious initiative” and cited texts from Revelation 21:3-5 and Zephaniah 3:17.