Mission and Ministry Board gathers for fall meeting

Mission and Ministry Board meeting, March 2018

The Church of the Brethren Mission and Ministry Board (MMB) holds its fall meeting in Elgin, Ill., this weekend. Events began yesterday with new board member orientation, and meetings will continue through Monday, Oct. 22.

Much of today’s meeting is a closed session, first for the executive committee and then for the full board and general secretary David Steele. Most of the Saturday through Monday meeting sessions are open, and board members and staff will worship in local congregations Sunday morning.

Items on the agenda include reports, a financial update, participation in the denomination’s Compelling Vision process, presentation of the proposed 2019 budget, and an update on a possible future proposal to install solar panels on the roof of the General Offices. Annual Conference officers will give a response to proposed changes in the MMB’s structure and format, and the board will spend time hearing from a delegation from the Supportive Communities Network.

Connie Burk Davis of Westminster, Md., chairs the board, which includes 17 voting members from across the denomination and a number of Leadership Team members and other ex officio members.

In related news, LaDonna Sanders Nkosi of Chicago has resigned from membership on the MMB, recognizing that other obligations will prevent her from fulfilling MMB responsibilities as she had hoped. The Annual Conference Standing Committee Nominating Committee has appointed Paul Schrock, of Northview Church of the Brethren (Indianapolis), South/Central Indiana District, to fill her term. Schrock was the other candidate on the 2018 ballot for the Area 2 position. He will begin serving immediately.

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