Ken and Ted: Awesome!

Photo by Regina Holmes
Ken Medema and Ted Swartz perform a concert/drama together for the Sunday evening Conference crowd.

By Karen Garrett

Sunday night… 7 p.m. End of a long day. People gather in Tampa convention center, East Hall. Ken Medema and Ted & Co are presenting “Heart to Heart.”

I have been asked to cover the story.

The reflection in drama and music can be summed up in three words. It was awesome!

That was expected and it indeed happened. From the first song the audience was no longer watching they were participating. Singing, clapping, dancing, laughing, crying, hearing the stories of Christ from a new vantage point. The demon possessed man, the road to Emmaus, the woman caught in adultery, the reunion of Jacob and Esau.

Ken and Ted’s commitment to listen to one another and to the Spirit drew everyone in the hall into the familiar stories in a way that caused us to leave different that we came.

Photo by Glenn Riegel

For some the take-away was–
Cows in a meadow, chewing our cud. “Faith, chew it up and pass it on.”
Feel your faith once again. With Jesus in our lives we can begin again.

One attender shared with me that each story was about being “one step from a new beginning.”

Another attender shared that their take away was “deposits can be life giving or lead to death.”

This reporter assumes that everyone left touched at the place in their soul that needed to be touched.

— Karen Garrett is a member of the volunteer news team for Annual Conference. She is manager of “Brethren Life and Thought” and serves on the staff of Bethany Theological Seminary.


Photos at bottom of page by Glenn Riegel