Puerto Rico Churches to Become 24th District in the Church of the Brethren

The Church of the Brethren congregations in Puerto Rico acted Saturday, Jan. 25, to begin the process of becoming the denomination’s 24th district. Up to now, the Puerto Rico churches have been part of Atlantic Southeast District, grouped together with the congregations in Florida.

“It was a very good meeting. An historic day as they described it!” said Mary Jo Flory-Steury, associate general secretary of the Church of the Brethren, in an announcement of the decision by the Puerto Rican Church of the Brethren Assembly.

As part of the process of becoming a new district, the Puerto Rico churches will be selecting a district executive and working on the process and other structures to form the new district. Said Atlantic Southeast District executive ministry John Mueller in his e-mail about the decision, “I look forward to this new chapter in our relationship and extend my best wishes and support to this endeavor.”

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