Anabaptist Distinctives in Church Planting

Led by Ryan Braught and Nate Polzin

The Church of the Brethren heritage is a distinctive and magnetic expression of the Christian faith. We believe the beliefs and practices of the Church of the Brethren are uniquely suited to reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leading many of us to plant new communities of faith rooted in the Church of the Brethren.

What is it that makes a Church of the Brethren church plant distinctive? This workshop will explore the fascinating confluence of Radical Pietistic and Anabaptist thought that gave rise to our movement. We will illustrate how those beliefs are embodied and practiced in modern church plants and how we can use them to establish even more new congregations of the Church of the Brethren. Anyone interested in planting a new Brethren congregation, supporting new ministries, or congregational renewal will benefit from this workshop

Exegeting your Neighborhood

Led by Ryan Braught

Many of us have been taught how to exegete (i.e. to interpret) the Scriptures as a part of our leadership within the church.  But how many of us, as part of our leadership within the church, have been taught how to exegete the neighborhoods in which we live, work, worship and play in?  To faithfully do ministry in our neighborhoods,  we must know what good news is for the people within our own contexts.  And we can’t do that unless we exegete the neighborhoods.  This workshop will give you the tools and resources that will help you faithfully interpret your community and understand what good news is to the people that God has sent you to. 

Racial Justice, Discipleship & Evangelism in These Times

Led by Rev LaDonna Sanders Nkosi

As we purpose to seek God’s racial justice in these times, the ministry of Jesus offers patterns and foundations for healing racism, Christian discipleship, evangelism and healthy outreach and community building.  Together, we will look at ways both new ministries and established churches have engaged healing racism, outreach and discipleship and through doing so brought and bring new life in congregations, communities and healthy partnerships.  Tools, strategies and resources to apply to your context will be identified.

Renewing an Older Congregation by Becoming a Missional Community

Led by Susan Liller

Come hear the story of how an established church of a handful of elderly people, and a new church plant of inner-city people worked together to become a body of believers worshiping and working as one.  Learn how this coming together has renewed ministry on one corner in the inner-city of Dayton, Ohio.  Learn what worked and what did not work as the two groups worked at coming together, things you may want to try to renew a congregation.

Restoring Congregational Vitality

Led by Galen Hackman

The shifting landscape of culture and technology have rendered many congregations less than vibrant and vital, with aging members, ineffective methods and limited resources. Reclaiming vitality lies close to the heart of God for his people. The church, being the Body of Christ, is a pneumatic (spirit-birthed, spirit-led and spirit-empowered) community. Renewal comes through intentionally tapping into the spiritual resources given to us by Christ, the head of the church, and the courageous following of the people of the congregation. This workshop considers the spiritual and practical elements of congregational restoration.