Creekside ministry says “Bee kind!”

Green pot with sunflowers
Photo by Ron Nicodemus

By Ron Nicodemus

This year the Indiana Bee Team of Creekside Church of the Brethren (Elkhart, Ind.) has raised more than honeybees. They have also tried to raise awareness regarding the problem of food insecurity.

As part of sharing honeybee education, the Bee Team explained why this tiny, six-legged insect is so important. Earlier this year, the team sponsored a pollination workshop highlighting the important role of honeybees in food production. Did you know, for example, that every third bite of food eaten is a direct result of honeybees and other pollinators?

In May, Creekside’s Bee Team also provided a program for the Camp Mack Garden Club, sharing how the sunflower serves as an important source of pollen and nectar. Marcia Sowles, a member from Arlington, Va., noted that the sunflower is also the national flower of Ukraine and talked about how the war there has affected the children’s lives in that country. Sunflower seeds were supplied for each participant to take home and plant in honor of the Ukrainian children.

As for its ongoing work, the Bee Team says to plant more flowers and remember to “bee kind.”

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