Warrensburg Church hosts celebration

Warrensburg (Mo.) Church of the Brethren in early November hosted a celebration of minister emeritus Ethmer Erisman’s 97th birthday and the 77th year of Heifer International’s ministry to end hunger and poverty.

In a report in the Missouri and Arkansas District newsletter, LuRae Shreves and Pearl Miller wrote that Erisman celebrates his birthday every year with “his traditional gift of seed money for Heifer International! Every year around his birthday, he challenges the congregation to ‘pass on the gift’ with him…. This year, Pastor Ethmer, with the help of three of our teens, passed out donation boxes for Heifer International. Each box contained a generous gift to the recipients with the hope that the recipients would consider their own donation to Heifer.

“A total of $1,068 was raised through his birthday gift! Also, as part of that birthday celebration, Ethmer preached the sermon, ‘Love Will Find a Way.’”

Photos of Warrensburg Church of the Brethren celebration by Renee Staab and pastor Becky Crouse, courtesy of Missouri and Arkansas District

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