Celebration of Christ does prayer walk, hymn sing at The Pointe

On a Saturday morning in June, some members of the Celebration of Christ Church of the Brethren in Saint Petersburg, Fla., met to go on a neighborhood prayer walk. This seemed to the Leadership Team to be a good starting point for reaching out to the homes around us. We had three small groups who took different routes to walk.

The goal was not to knock on doors and to only speak if spoken to. In most cases, the members simply prayed God’s blessings on each home, although, by and large, they did not know who lived inside. But in a few cases, neighbors who were out in their front yards did greet the walkers. At that point, members would ask them if they had any needs for which they would like prayer. At least one shared a need and was prayed for. Several others conversed with the walkers and were given brochures from the church with an invitation to attend.

The only negative lesson learned was to avoid future walks in summer, even in the morning. It’s just too tropical in Florida! But the church intends to go out more again in the fall and winter months to continue this ministry.

—Ray Hileman, pastor

Hymn sing

Members of Celebration of Christ Church of the Brethren visited The Pointe for a hymn sing on August 31 and will repeat the event every other week through the fall.

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