Keeping Youth Safe

How do we keep youth safe at NYC?

(as of 1/21/2022)

These safety procedures and standards are designed to keep all participants safe, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, role, or race. To ensure an environment as safe as possible, advisors and small group leaders need to share concerns or problem with staff during the event. (If something is shared after the event, there is little recourse to address the concerns.)

  • All advisors & staff undergo a third-party background check.
  • All participants sign a covenant; breaking of the covenant could mean dismissal from the event.
  • Bullying for any reason, including race, gender, or sexual orientation, will not be tolerated at NYC
  • All advisors and staff sign an additional covenant, acknowledging their role and responsibilities in keeping youth safe.
  • NYC provides a professional, experienced counseling staff. The counseling team is available to youth and advisors, as well as individuals and groups.
  • The NYC Dean and local authorities will handle cases of alleged abuse.
  • Each youth is systematically accounted for at curfew each night.
  • Small group leaders participate in training prior to meeting with their small group for the first time.
  • There are all gender bathrooms available in most buildings NYC will be using.
  • General NYC 2022 housing is non-airconditioned and there are no elevators. There are two single beds to a sleeping room. Hallway bathrooms, with individually stalled toilets and showers, are available. If a participant has special housing needs, please note it on the registration form and/or contact the NYC Office.
  • Due to COVID 19, participants will be required to wear a mask inside buildings and busses – unless inside their dorm room, eating, or showering.