Historical Roots

Amazing Growth in the Haitian Church

Beginning in 2003 the Haitian American Brethren in Florida began to plant churches in the home communities of some of their members. This work was led by members of the Miami Haitian congregation. By 2008 when Brethren Disaster Ministries began work related to tropical storm flood damage, 8 new churches were on hand and became partners in the disaster work. A Haitian National Committee was formed and nurtured and helped develop the shape of a new Haitian Brethren denomination. Over the past 18 years that handful of churches has grown rapidly to 30 if we include several preaching points. We have seen amazing growth!

Devastating Disasters—Visionary Response

Photo by Mark Myers, http://www.sr-pro.com

The growing new church has emerged during a time of national disasters. Following the floods of 2008, they experienced the crushing earthquake of 2010 in which 350,000 persons died and many thousands of persons lost their homes. Additional damaging tropical storms were experienced in 2016 and another earthquake rocked the northern coast in 2018. The new churches have provided counsel and hands-on assistance to our disaster program leaders, and in return have found a desire to work for the betterment of their communities.

Advocacy for a Medical Ministry

In the wake of the great earthquake of 2010 the Haitian leaders advocated for a medical response to the disasters. In the weeks following the earthquake Brethren Disaster Ministries responded by providing a medical and trauma healing team to spend a week on site and to minister to persons in need. During this one week experience the team served over 1,500 persons through mobile clinics, often on church properties. A spark was lit and a concept that became the Haiti Medical Project began to emerge.

Haiti Medical Project Formed

A concept developed through conversations in the US and in Haiti. By the fall of 2011 three Haitian doctors agreed to organize and coordinate a mobile clinic team. Volunteers in the US began to scurry to find ways of generating funds to launch this brave new venture. By the beginning of 2012 we were on our way, targeting 12 clinics the first year. The new vision met with an immediate and strong response from the Brethren that has challenged and driven us to today’s level of investing about $390,000 annually in meeting human needs in Haiti.