Ministry Focus

Cultivate and respond to Haitian leadership

Photo by Mark Myers,

Haitian leadership is central, both in the Mobile Clinic Team and the members of the Community Development Team, as well as in the various partnership dimensions with L’Eglise des Freres Haitien. Continuing to support and enhance the capacity of Haitian leadership is a clear tenet.

Nurture a mission of service among the Haitian Brethren

While basic, this is easy to do because many of the Haitian Brethren are already there. What a wonderful opportunity to work in partnership with persons already highly motivated to bring God’s love in new ways to their communities.

Strengthen the capacity of local agents of change

As we developed a Community Development program, a key premise of this work has been that local leaders must be called out and equipped to lead important change in their own communities. As communities identify the need for a particular change the Haiti Medical Project staff helps the community call out several key leaders to receive special training and to be a driving force in the desired project. The local leaders consist both of members of the local Eglise de Freres church and of other members of the community.