Ministry Summer Service

What is Ministry Summer Service?

Ministry Summer Service (MSS) is a leadership development program for college students in the Church of the Brethren who spend 10 weeks of summer working in the church (local congregation, district office, camp, or national program).

Why Ministry Summer Service?

Congregations may ask, “Why should we take on a summer intern?” Young adults may ask, “Why should we work for the church for a whole summer?”

The answer has to do with God’s call. The Bible is a record of God calling people to challenging tasks. MSS is no exception. Through MSS, God is calling congregations to reach out in the ministry of teaching and receiving. God is calling young adults to explore the possibility of church work as their vocation.

Are you interested in Ministry Summer Service?

Applications are due January 8, 2021.


Mentors/Placement Site

Help college students learn how to serve for a lifetime.

Interns are required to spend one week at an orientation with other interns at the beginning of the summer, followed by nine weeks working in a church setting to develop leadership skills and to explore a call to ministry. Interns also receive:

  • a $2,500 tuition grant.
  • food and housing for ten weeks.
  • $100 per month spending money.
  • transportation from home to orientation.
  • transportation from orientation to their placement.
  • transportation from their placement to home.

Expectations of the church

Churches are expected to provide:

  • an atmosphere for learning, reflection and development of leadership skills of the intern.
  • a setting for intern to engage in ministry and service for a ten week period.
  • a stipend of $100 a month, plus room and board, transportation on the job, and travel of the intern from orientation to the placement site.
  • a structure for planning, developing and implementing of the ministry/service projects in a variety of areas.
  • financial resources and time for the pastor/mentor to attend two days of orientation.

Expectations of the mentor

Mentors are expected to:

  • spend at least one hour each week with the intern in intentional supervision/mentoring. Using the materials shared during orientation or other ideas, you will need to develop your own model and style for doing this mentoring/supervision.
  • informally check-in daily with the intern for questions, progress reports, and feedback.
  • negotiate expectations for the number of hours the intern will work each week. We suggest a 40-50 hour week. However, the context, the nature and timing of the work projects, and the local expectations need to be a determining factor. We counsel being reasonable, hoping the needs of the intern and the expectations of the congregation will be mutual.
  • prepare a written report of the summer experience, reflecting on both the church, the intern and yourself. An evaluation form will be provided for your writing.
  • assist the placement site in creating a support network for the intern.
  • communicate clearly to the intern expectations, and responsibilities for the summer.
  • communicate these same expectations and responsibilities to the congregation.
  • attend a two day orientation.

Who pays for what?

The church (or ministry site) provides:

  • housing, food, local transportation for intern.
  • $100 per month spending money for intern.
  • transportation for intern at the end of orientation to ministry site.
  • transportation for mentor to attend orientation .

Ministry Summer Service provides:

  • $2,500 per student for each young adult from colleges other than Bridgewater, Elizabethtown, Manchester, and McPherson.
  • all expenses (housing, food, training) for the orientation week.
  • overall administration and staffing of Ministry Summer Service.
  • transportation from home to the orientation.
  • travel back home at the end of the summer.

The Church of the Brethren is grateful for partnership with four Brethren colleges to provide scholarships for MSS interns from their schools: Bridgewater College, Elizabethtown College, Manchester University, and McPherson College

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Assistant, at or 847-429-4385.