Serving with love

Read a Brethren Volunteer Service reflection and a Messenger magazine quote in this week’s issue.

The Saudi-Arabia-Iran Cold War and the Looming Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East

by Angelo Olayvar “While recognizing our limitations in fully perceiving the complexities and ambiguities pertinent to the Middle East conflict, we feel compelled to articulate our concerns on matters which are critical in modifying tensions in the area and moving toward a solution.” – Church of the Brethren 1975 Resolution: Concern for Peace in the … Continued

Life moves fast

Read a Youth and Young Adult Ministries reflection, a Messenger quote, and Pentecost Offering prayer in this week’s issue.

Pentecost Offering 2021

Worship resources for the 2021 Pentecost Offering of the Church of the Brethren

Christ is alive!

Read a reflection for the New and Renew Conference and a Messenger magazine quote in this week’s issue.

US Militarism and Climate Change

by Angelo Olayvar Earth Day is an annual one-day event on April 22 that seeks to show support for the protection of the environment. According to the official website, the 2021 Earth Day theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, which focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. … Continued

Creating a mosaic together

By Nancy McCrickard, Mission Advancement advocate Each time I receive an issue of Messenger magazine, I glance at the articles quickly and then turn to the back for the “Turning Points” section to review recent deaths. Later, I go back and read the articles more thoroughly. Why, you may ask, do I look at the … Continued

The war on terrorism and the erosion of human rights

By Angelo Olayvar It is exactly one month before the impending May 1 deadline to pull out all US troops in Afghanistan. The destruction brought by the wars waged by the United States in the Middle East against terrorism along with the counterterror measures it curated have had far-reaching consequences that resulted in countless loss … Continued