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Creation care and climate change are moral and ethical issues, and church communities are a great place to connect on this topic in a way that is based on values rather than politics. Below are resources for integrating creation care into the worship service and Christian education.

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  • A square for care (of creation)

    Use the Brethren creation care BINGO card in April as a way to focus on Earth Day and Faith Climate Action Week.

  • A flourishing opportunity

    We, as sojourners with God’s creation, bear a responsibility to cherish our relationship with the earth

  • God foretells destruction

    Empires come and go with regularity. Are there common traits that seem to lead to downfall?

  • Our global home

    We cannot ignore the warnings about the potential demise of the place we live.

  • Who is my neighbor when it comes to climate change?

    What if our understanding of 'neighborhood' expanded beyond our street address, church friends, or professional affiliations?

  • No time for denial

    We are in a wide-ranging, multi-faceted emergency, requiring an immediate global change--but as Brethren, we have the ability to make a difference

  • Changing the climate with justice, mercy, and humility

    What if, in choosing to consume less stuff, we got greater clarity about where true sources of contentment may be found?

  • Creating a climate for a new life

    On a sunny day in May of 2014, Germany generated a record 74 percent of its electricity renewably...Perhaps more surprisingly, Costa Rica currently generates at least 90 percent of its electricity renewably; earlier this year, its national electric utility supplied its citizens with 100 percent fossil fuel-free electricity for a world-record 75 straight days. Denmark, meanwhile, is on pace to achieve total independence from fossil fuels in 35 years, meeting all of its electricity, transportation, heating, and cooling needs with renewables by 2050.


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