Advisor Responsibilities

Adult advisors are a crucial and integral part of the success of NYC. As part of the commitment you have made to your church, your youth, and the NYC community, we ask that you keep the following responsibilities in mind while at NYC. Beyond the items outlined below, we trust your ability to recognize activity by participants that is obviously inappropriate, dangerous, or in violation of the participant covenant and report it to the NYC Dean. Please note that these responsibilities extend beyond your youth; you are responsible to address or report violations by all conference participants.

Know Where Your Youth Are

You have the responsibility to know where your youth are at all times. This is true for any on campus AND off campus expeditions. Participants may leave the CSU campus only during recreation (3-6 PM) with their adult advisor. Groups should be no larger than five youth per adult advisor.

Health Forms

The NYC medical staff has all medical information from the registration form. If a medical condition changes after registration, please report this to the medical office upon arrival at CSU. We recommend packing a first-aid kit.

Illness or Injury

Take anyone who becomes ill to the medical office immediately. If the individual is injured, stay with them and send someone else for a member of the medical staff. If the illness or injury occurs after curfew, please also notify the floor and residence hall supervisors.

Housing Problems

If there is a problem with housing assignments, check with the NYC office for assistance. We ask that all persons stay in their assigned room the first night, no matter how unhappy they are with their assignment.

Housing Violations

If you find any participant in the housing of the opposite gender at any time, report the names of the individuals to the NYC Dean. If the violation occurs after curfew, notify floor and residence hall supervisors, who will contact the Dean.


If you witness a fight, break it up and accompany the individuals to the NYC Dean to report the incident. If after curfew, notify the floor and residence hall supervisors.

Inappropriate Public Affection

Approach individuals involved in inappropriate displays of affection, ask them to stop, and discuss their behavior.

Covenant Violations

As part of the registration process, each youth signed the participant covenant. As an advisor, you have a responsibility to address violations of that covenant.

Skipped Sessions

Make it clear to your youth that attendance at worship services, workshops (unless hiking or at a service project), and small group sessions is required. Please plan to sit with them during the morning and evening worship services. If you discover any participant skipping one of the above sessions, report their name to the NYC Dean.

Use of Controlled Substances

If you discover any person violating the possession or use of a controlled substance (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana), illegal drugs, or weapons portion of the covenant, report the violation to the NYC Dean. The products or weapons involved should also be given to the Dean. If the violation is discovered after curfew, confiscate the products or weapons and notify the floor and residence hall supervisors, who will then contact the Dean.

Missed Curfew

At midnight, all advisors should report any missing persons to the floor supervisor. This information will be relayed to the NYC Dean, who will inform the patrol staff. The residence hall supervisor will be in the lobby to admit any latecomers into the building. All advisors should make sure their youth are accounted for before heading to bed.


Children of participants or advisors are not allowed at NYC.

Advisor meeting
Photo by Nevin Dulabaum