Background check information

All adults attending NYC must have a background check run by denominational staff. The link to give permission for this background check can be found in your confirmation email.

How does the Youth/Young Adult Ministry Office process background checks?

  1. The third-party vendor (Protect My Ministry) handles all the sensitive information on their secure servers.
  2. The person completing the background check goes to the Protect My Ministry site and enters their information to allow a background check to be run. This check is run based on the person’s social security number; that is the unique identifying piece of information.
  3. Protect My Ministry lets Youth/Young Adult Ministry staff know that a person has given permission to do a background check.
  4. Youth/Young Adult Ministry staff log onto the Protect My Ministry site, click a few boxes to indicate which types of checks need to be run, and then wait for the results. We do not store the actual results (or any of the identifying information you supplied for the check to be run – like your social security number) on our systems in the General Offices. We only store that you have given us permission and the date of when the check was run.