Annual Conference officers return query regarding congregational latitude on matters of human sexuality

As part of their final processing of potential business items for the 2024 Church of the Brethren Annual Conference (www.brethren.org/ac2024), the Annual Conference officers (www.brethren.org/ac2024/leadership) have returned the Illinois/Wisconsin District’s query titled “Regarding Greater Congregational Latitude on Matters of Sexuality” back to the district for further revision and potential resubmission in 2025.

Query does not advance from Southern Ohio and Kentucky District

The Southern Ohio and Kentucky District held its district conference on Oct. 6-7 at West Charleston Church of the Brethren. Along with the usual business of passing a budget for 2024 and approving the slate of new board members and other leadership, a query was brought from the Living Peace congregation in Columbus, Ohio, about whether or not it is time to rescind the 1983 Annual Conference paper “Human Sexuality from a Christian Perspective.”

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