Brethren history in three minutes (more or less)

In seventeen-oh-eight–
Write that down, that’s the date–
There’s a guy called Alex Mack;
Said the church is out of whack.
So this group, they made a vow,
In the town of Schwarzenau.
It’s not going like God planned,
So we have to take a stand….

Bring rocks to National Youth Conference!

For our opening worship at NYC, we’d like each attending congregation to bring a rock or stone. The rock can be any size, as long as it can travel with the group on their method of transportation to Colorado and can be carried to the front of Moby Arena during worship.

Consider contributing to the National Youth Conference offering of school kits

This year, the National Youth Conference (NYC) 2022 Office has partnered with Brethren Disaster Ministries and the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction in Pennsylvania to collect certain school supplies to assemble Church World Service (CWS) school kits. The auction already has contributed $20,000 to this project.

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