‘We came to serve, but instead they served us’

The NOAC Planning Team took great pains not only to create opportunities for service projects, but to check back and make sure everything would be prepared. However, as can be the case, real life happened. The person at the Haywood Street church who had been in contact with NOAC planners had suddenly taken sick, and those filling in for them had no idea that 15 people were scheduled to arrive for a service project.

Up early for a good walk, and a good cause

For those like myself, who are accustomed at NOAC to looking out through the window in the direction of the lake and seeing nothing but grey fog, it is a surprise to learn that before it is properly dawn there is a clear sky. Walking along the lakefront on the Rose Path, it was good to look up and see the cross shining brightly on the hill

Learning about the Cherokee

Many of the 46 NOAC attendees who traveled by bus to Cherokee Village, and to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, were still mulling over what they had heard earlier in the day from keynote speaker Mark Charles.

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