Give the fig tree one more season: A song for the start of April, Earth Month and National Poetry Month

I write lyrics for certain scriptures when I can’t find one that suits. Most of them are one-offs, but I’ve had people ask me if they can share this one with others, and of course the answer is yes. It’s set to the tune of the hymn “Will You Let Me Be Your Servant?” It goes with Luke 13:1-9, about the Galileans, the Tower of Siloam, and the parable of the fig tree and the gardener.

‘Brethren, come and claim a vision’

This hymn text written by Rosanna McFadden, originally for an Annual Conference statement of a decade ago, was sung during today’s consecration service for the compelling vision. Congregations have permission to use the hymn. McFadden notes that the text may be sung to any hymn tune using 87.87D meter, including the tunes of “Come Thou Fount” and “Brethren, We Have Met to Worship.”

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