Global Mission releases list of grants made to international partners in 2021

Global Mission co-executives Eric Miller and Ruoxia Li have announced the grants their office distributed to international partners last year, in 2021. Close to $700,000 was distributed, made possible through donations to the mission work of the Church of the Brethren denomination. Norm and Carol Spicher Waggy, who previously served as interim directors of Global Mission, contributed to the work of identifying grant recipients.

Global Church of the Brethren Communion survey strongly affirms Brethren characteristics

Outcomes of an international survey asking what characteristics are essential for a church to be Church of the Brethren have been released. A committee of the Global Church of the Brethren Communion developed the survey. The committee had asked all interested Church of the Brethren members around the world to respond, and provided the survey in English, Spanish, Haitian Kreyol, and Portuguese.