A story of modern-day Psalmists

As part of developing our 2024 Earth Day Resource: “Plastic Jesus, Real Faith in a Synthetic World,” we commissioned six artists to gather in retreat and to collaboratively create songs for use in worship that reflect on caring for God’s creation in the face of the plastic pollution crisis. Sarah Macias was their host at Sister Grove Farm.

The problem of plastics: A reflection from Creation Justice Ministries

Plastic first started being created on a global scale in the 1950s. Since then, annual plastic production has exploded to an estimated 460 million tons as of 2019. While plastic has many beneficial uses, single-use plastics have become a real environmental threat.

In the glow of the Christmas tree lights, let us remember the forests

This year “The People’s Tree” comes from Monongahela National Forest in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. While it makes its way from town to town on its tour to Washington, D.C., its old-growth arboreal neighbors in the forest are at risk of being harvested for timber.

Ecumenical opportunities

Contests, resources, updates, and requests for action from the Center on Conscience and War, Creation Justice Ministries, Ecumenical Advocacy Days, and the World Council of Churches

Ecumenical Advocacy Days April 25-27, 2023

Brethren bits for Jan. 31, 2020

— The Church of the Brethren’s Michigan District seeks a district executive minister. The district includes 20 congregations in the lower peninsula of Michigan, north of the southern tier of counties. Camp Brethren Heights is associated with the district and the district office location is negotiable. The district is theologically diverse and seeks creative and biblically

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