January Ventures course to focus on ‘Congregation in Mission’

The next course offering from the “Ventures in Christian Discipleship” program at McPherson (Kan.) College will be “Congregation in Mission.” Congregational life provides settings for persons in community to flourish in their faith. What are the dynamics to allow this to happen? What are the impediments that get in the way of this flourishing? These and other questions can be a spring board for drawing us into a lively discussion.

Insight session tells the story of the Solingen Brethren

Six Brethren were arrested 300 years ago in Solingen, Germany. What was their crime? In 1716, the six men, ages 22 to 33, had been baptized as adults. This crime was a capital offense, the punishment could be execution. The six men were first marched to Dusseldorf for interrogation. It is said they sang hymns as they walked to their imprisonment.

Ventures course at McPherson College will address Brethren history

Frank Ramirez, Church of the Brethren storyteller, historian, and pastor, will be the presenter for the next Ventures course from 9 a.m. to 12 noon (central time) on Saturday, Jan. 21. His topic will be “The Real Deal in Brethren History: What Really Happened Out There, and What Does It Mean For Today?”

Interfaith Vigil at University of La Verne Responds to Hate Letter

An interfaith vigil held at the University of La Verne (ULV), a Church of the Brethren-related school in southern California, in collaboration with the Inland Valley Interfaith Network. The vigil was held after an anonymous threatening letter was received at the Islamic Center of Claremont, Calif., one of several such hate letters that have been sent to mosques and Islamic centers.

‘Ventures’ Program Aims to Serve More Congregations with Donation-Based Model

Since it started four years ago, the “Ventures in Christian Discipleship” program at McPherson (Kan.) College has focused on providing small church congregations with useful, affordable education. With the course offerings in 2016-17, Ventures is about to become even more affordable and, therefore, even more useful.

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