Anointing and Grace Are Offered in a Service Led by Bridgewater’s Scheppard

2010 National Youth Conference of the Church of the Brethren Fort Collins, Colo. — July 20, 2010     Carol Scheppard, dean of Academic Affairs at Bridgewater (Va.) College, preached for an evening service that concluded with anointing. The theme was grace. Photo by Glenn Riegel On a more contemplative night at National Youth Conference, when hundreds would

Newsline for April 11, 2007

“We have seen the Lord.” — John 20:25b NEWS 1) Annual Conference Council expresses concern over funding shortfall. 2) Bethany Seminary board honors president Eugene F. Roop. 3) Brethren deliver World Day of Prayer requests to House Speaker. 4) Brethren bits: Correction, personnel, RYC, and more. PERSONNEL 5) Scheppard to be new vice president, dean

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