Today at Annual Conference – Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today at Annual Conference – Sunday, July 3, 2011: quotes of the day, Conference “by the numbers,” an invitation from Brethren Press to contribute to the new Inglenook Cookbook, and the daily “Brethren on the Street” interviews.

Facing the Race at Annual Conference

A light cloud cover and the cool early hour made the morning of July 3 a great time for a walk or run. The Annual 5K Fitness Challenge sponsored by Brethren Benefit Trust took place at Millennium Park, six miles outside of downtown Grand Rapids, at 7 a.m. sharp. As the sleepily–though energetic–crowd of 150 gathered at the starting line.

Today at Annual Conference

Saturday, July 2, 2011 — the first day of the 2011 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. This page features quotes of the day, “Brethren on the Street” interviews on a question of the day, initial registration figures, and more.

Pregunta: Decoro Apropiado (Annual Conference 2011 business item: Query proper decorum)

Pregunta: Decoro Apropiado (Annual Conference 2011 business item: Query proper decorum) Considerando que la Iglesia de los Hermanos tiene una historia y una práctica para buscar la mente de Cristo juntos, y Considerando que la Iglesia de los Hermanos ha comprendido su sentido de comunidad como abarcar la responsabilidad unos a otros como hermanos y hermanas de la fe misma, y ….

Standing Committee Accepts New Vision Statement, Afghanistan Resolution, Responds to Queries

The Standing Committee of district delegates ended its pre-Annual Conference meetings today. The committee has accepted a vision statement for the Church of the Brethren for the decade, and recommended it to the 2012 Annual Conference for adoption. Standing Committee also recommended a resolution on the war in Afghanistan received from the Church of the Brethren’s Mission and Ministry Board. Recommendations were made on queries on climate change and proper decorum.

Offering the Table

Offering the table. Offerings taken during worship services are often assumed to be only money, but during the July 2 worship service of Annual Conference, attendees offered much more than that.

As a way of tangibly “extending Jesus’ table,” moderator Robert Alley suggested a special opportunity for Brethren to offer gifts other than their dollars to people around the world. So a special offering of comforters and school supply kits was taken during worship, and many people participated.

Ministries of Reconciliation and Listening Will Offer Assistance at Conference

Many who have attended Annual Conference in past years are familiar with the yellow “On Earth Peace MoR (Ministry of Reconciliation) Observer” badges worn by skilled practitioners during Conference business sessions. This year as particularly sensitive business is discussed, these volunteer “Ministers of Reconciliation” will offer assistance not only during business sessions but throughout the Conference, mediating conflict, facilitating communication, navigating misunderstandings, and in general helping to make sense of the proceedings.